About us

Casino Jinn is a website dedicated to iGaming and online casinos, including game and casino reviews, helpful guides and various promotions. The website is affiliated with entities in the iGaming industry and conducts independent reviews of each casino and game. The purpose of any information published on Casino Jinn is to entertain readers and consumers and provide them with a general, rough and unbinding guideline as to what games and casinos they may want to try next.

Why Choose Casino Jinn?

Casino Jinn is a compilation of casino brands and casino games, offering general advice about gambling and gambling products. The website focuses on reviewing products from the standpoint of individual players and industry professionals.

However, the website doesn’t offer financial advice or offer any sort of proof that picking one casino over another or one game over another is a better choice. It all boils down to personal preferences.

Where Casino Jinn excels, however, is to provide readers with a great take on what is available on the iGaming market. Casino Jinn will be able to sort out through brands that look interesting and bring them to the reader’s attention.

Of course, each reader has to decide if a brand appears trustworthy or whether it meets specific criteria. The reviewing service is designed to issue general advice only but never financial advice or any other form of financial service.

Therefore, any recommendations presented on the website in writing or another form should be taken with a grain of salt and not be acted upon with certainty. 

Library of Casino Games and Bonuses

The core strength of Casino Jinn lies in the website’s ability to provide readers and casino players with a diverse choice of bonuses that are up-to-date and may be of interest who are looking for specific promotions.

Casino Jinn has made sure to feature a number of options, including free spins, welcome packages, no deposit bonuses and more. The website will explain in some detail what these promotions are and offer general guidance as to how to recognize the bonuses yourself.

You may further follow with some of the links found on the website which will take you directly to a bonus offer that you may find attractive. Casino Jinn will note down the terms and conditions of each offer, but it is your sole responsibility to make sure these terms are beneficial to you. 

Another advantage of using Casino Jinn comes from the fact you can quickly study different casino games and see what specific products appeal to you the most. Games can usually be played at official casinos after you have completed registration and not before.

However, it’s up to every jurisdiction to decide what gaming criteria players and businesses must meet. For its part, Casino Jinn makes sure to provide you with a careful read of the products that are available to casino players.

With this in mind, you have hundreds if not thousands of available articles to look up. To better understand the nature of the information found there, we urge you to read Casino Jinn’s Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.