Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are Casino Jinn’s general terms of use of the Website. Casino Jinn, hereafter also referred to as the Website, will establish the basic rules for its use and what terms users must comply with to continue using the Website.

Should you object to this premise – or any of the rules listed in the Terms and Conditions – please be advised to leave the Website immediately.

General Terms and Conditions 

The following list constitutes what the Website holds to be its general terms and conditions. They are binding in a sense you must comply with them or discontinue your use of the Website at once.

  • Casino Jinn does not allow any of the information that you will find on its pages to be used for illegal activities;
  • The content on the Website is only for entertainment and does not constitute legal or financial advice of any kind;
  • Casino Jinn takes no legal responsibility for any potential errors in the materials published on its pages;
  • Similarly, Casino Jinn is not responsible for any damages incurred and suffered as a result of the use of the Website;
  • Casino Jinn bans the copying and redistribution of materials from its Website without the Website’s explicit consent.

Content and Its Nature

The content found on Casino Jinn has the sole purpose of entertaining. It is not to be misconstrued as financial advice of any sort. Furthermore, the Website prohibits the distribution of any of the content found on the Website.

All content is the original work of its writers and belongs to Casino Jinn as such. While the Website does not claim responsibility for the materials published outside the realm of entertainment, any attempt to re-distribute this content without the written, explicit agreement of Casino Jinn is punishable by law.

Responsible Gambling

Above all else, Casino Jinn wants to see players protected. That is why all materials published on the Website will strive to stay true to the responsible gambling tenets laid out by governments and not-for-profit organizations.

Casino Jinn will try and make sure that none of the materials found on the Website is advertising irresponsible gambling behaviour in any form. All bonus, casinos, and game reviews published on the Website are just general recommendations strictly published for entertainment.

Please never consider any of the materials you will find on the Website to be a form of financial advice or an incentive to play or bet more. There is little evidence to suggest that any bonus, for example, would make you win more. Remember to play smart and stay responsible.


Casino Jinn intends to protect consumers from coming into contact with viruses. In cases where a computer or device is infected as a result of the use of the Website, Casino Jinn is free of all responsibility. 

The Website reminds users and readers that it is their exclusive responsibility to protect their devices by installing the proper anti-virus software and keep good browsing habits in place.