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Casino Jinn will help you figure out what makes a casino site a great pick over another. Players will have a chance to find out more about licensing, regulations, and the legality of casino sites. You will find out all there is to know about the different types of bonuses, payment methods, and wagering requirements. If you are on the hunt for promotions, check out our best casino bonuses page. 

59 Casino Sites in our Database

    Joo Casino
    100% Up to 100€
    100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 50x



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    Joo Casino

    100% Up to 100€ 100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 50x


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    Wild Tokyo Casino
    100% Up to 100€
    100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 45x



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    Wild Tokyo Casino

    100% Up to 100€ 100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 45x


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    Million Vegas Casino
    150% Up to 500€
    Free Spins

    Wagering - 35x



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    Million Vegas Casino

    150% Up to 500€  

    Wagering - 35x


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    CryptoThrills Casino
    200% Up to 1BTC
    50 No Deposit Free Spins

    Wagering - 60x



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    CryptoThrills Casino

    200% Up to 1BTC 50 No Deposit Free Spins

    Wagering - 60x


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    WinWindsor Casino
    Up to 0£
    500 Free Spins

    Wagering - 65x



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    WinWindsor Casino

    Up to 0£ 500 Free Spins

    Wagering - 65x


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Have you ever asked yourself what you would ask for if you stumble upon a magic lamp and summon a genie? Well, for many online casino enthusiasts out there, finding the best casino sites is probably what comes first to one’s mind. You are lucky today because with Casino Jinn by your side; you are bound to see and explore the best online casino opportunities there are.

Today, we will cover all there is to know about the online casino experience. We will start small, talking about what the best casino sites are, where to find them, and how we review them. Yet, your genies are quite knowledgeable, and we will impart our wisdom to you.

As it turns out, we have got plenty to cover when it comes to the online casino world. Let’s not ching-wag any more. Rub the lamp and summon an online casino genie who will become your guide to the world of online casinos.

Wishing for the Best Casino Sites

Being crammed in an ol’ lamp gets really old really quick. Now that you have let Casino Jinn out of the lamp, it’s time to help you find the best online casino sites. Our genies have a particular affinity for bringing the best online casinos, and that is why you will not need to struggle finding them.

In fact, we witnessed the beginning of the online casino industry and have tracked its progress with great interest. That is how we know all there is to know about casinos and, to save you some trouble, we have collected a list of the best websites in one place.

So much that today we can tell you all there is to know about an online casino. We have considered important aspects of the online casino experience, such as the variety of games, availability of bonuses, and naturally the wagering requirements.

Our genies are not just some parlour tricksters. Instead, they bring you a detailed account of all there is to know about the best online casinos right now. Furthermore, they will delve deep into the T&C’s of a bonus and help you find a promotion that makes your gameplay all the more fun.

And most importantly, they are very happy to oblige. Casino Jinn will be your go-to casino site when it comes to looking up what the best casino brands are. It has reviewed hundreds of brands and continue to review more so as to provide you with the most detailed repository of information about the online casino world.

In a nutshell, we will help you find the casino that is the best fit for you by taking a look at all those little details that you find important. Whether you are looking for a max bonus or some very cool slots, live dealer games, excellent customer support, or very quick withdrawals, we are here to help.

Find All about License, Regulation & Legality at Casino Sites

Since we are out of the lamp, we can get down to some work. If you are still in doubt as to which online casino to try next, you may follow up with one of the recommended casino brands we list here. Before you do, it’s good to know a thing or two about the license, regulation, and legality of each online casino site.

You see, these three factors are cornerstones of the modern gaming experience. They make sure you always choose from some of the best online casinos. How so you may wonder, well it’s easy. A license means that a regulatory authority has approved the online casino you are about to trust.

When regulation applies, that simply means the online casino is constantly vetted, and trust your genies; no casino wants to end up with a rap sheet! In fact, most brands would do anything to please the almighty regulators, and that is a good thing for you, the players.

The legality of online casinos can be a bit of a fickle mistress, but we will charm her and reveal her secrets to you. While an online casino site can be legal, it doesn’t necessarily hold a license in every jurisdiction. That is not a bad thing, because a website can operate perfectly well without a seal of approval, although, the ones with a license usually tend to do better.

If there are any outliers, though, you can be that your casino genies will share reveal their names to you. There are many worthwhile options out there, and we are absolutely sure you would want to give them a shot. Well, when you do, know that we have checked everything there is about the licenses, legality, and how those online casino sites are regulated!

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Bonuses at Online Casino Sites: Let’s Make Your Wishes Come True

If you are really to have a bit of fun, you may want to consider the available bonuses out there. Now, there are plenty of worthwhile options, this we can tell you for a fact. Online casino sites go to great lengths to provide you with some excellent bonus funds. There are tons upon tons of excellent options, and they will all make for a more entertaining experience.

Of course, a bonus offer isn’t a shoo-in. There are no guarantees here, but it does feel better to claim a 100% welcome bonus or claim free spins that make your session a wee bit more dynamic. Every bonus has its own dynamic, of course, and the max bonus amount is set by the casinos.

We have made sure to explore all bonus funds from up close and provide you with a hand-picked selection of excellent promos. Now, you don’t want to just go ahead and claim just any bonus. In fact, you want to make sure that the terms and conditions are fair and more importantly, match your availability and the time and effort you are willing to spend.

It’s really about you, so the best online casinos will usually provide you with a bountiful choice. There will be free spins as well as a 1st deposit bonus waiting. Sometimes they may actually be one and the same promotion, making the experience doubly rewarding.

Yet, rewards are not all you should look for. You ought to ask yourself – is this bonus or free spins really helping me have more fun? Ultimately, bonuses do hide a few trickeries, and as genies, we surely know how to spot them. Now, you will want to make sure that the bonus funds you claim will actually help you advance your gameplay.

Welcome Bonus Packs: They Have a Lot to Offer

Welcome bonuses are everyone’s favourite treat. They are there to welcome you to a very good amount of bonus funds and some free spins thrown into the mix. There is hardly a person today who thinks of welcome packages as anything but exceptionally helpful.

Also, the bonus spins you claim just one of the ways to make your experience more entertaining. As genies, we know what the best bonus offer is, and especially so when it comes to a welcome package. You see, we expect to see great terms and conditions, some bonus spins to go along, and admittedly great rollover requirements.

You don’t want to linger too much on a bonus. Instead, most casinos these days try to strike a balance between a challenge and a welcome bonus that really helps players advance their gameplay. Or, at the very least, make it a bit more entertaining.

Well, every welcome bonus will boil down to luck, but don’t worry about this too much. Instead, you ought to focus on those welcome bonus options that make your experience more enjoyable. We genies make sure that the bonus spins you get are for some of the best slot games.

Better yet, we will put our expert eye to perusing those pesky terms and conditions for you and ruling out the ones that are too much of a headache to satisfy. Of course, you should also develop the habit of checking out what the T&C’s are.

Our genies are quite capable of pinpointing a great welcome bonus, but the responsibility is ultimately yours to decide if a promotion is what you need. Overall, Casino Jinn will bring you the best selection of welcome bonus packages, and there’s no doubt about that!

Casino Sites with Free Signup Bonus: Get into the Freebies Action

Do you want to feel like a winner? Perhaps it’s time to really give the freebies a shot. Online casinos come with all sorts of treats, and the free signup bonus is definitely among them. What better way to claim bonus funds after all than scooping up a bunch of free spins on your way in!

Yet, free bonuses may come in many other ways. They might be allocated as free play or free cash to enjoy. Notwithstanding the subtle differences in the nature of these bonus funds, you will always get to enjoy a great bonus.

The signup freebies are usually available for popular online casino games, much like the online slot games that are usually everyone’s favourite. There are bountiful opportunities that lie ahead, and you should most certainly have a shot at it yourself.

Yet, to find your way to the best free signup bonus, you might want to ask a genie. Yes, we are a funny lot, but we definitely know our free signup bonuses. We will once again issue solid advice based on rigorous research. Our genies do have the nose for finding you the best signup bonuses out there.

Now, if you really want to benefit from them, we recommend taking the free bonus in the context of the enter casino. Have a quick look around and consider the wagering requirements along with what other promos you may pick. A free signup goodie does sound like a treat, but players, ask yourselves – what comes next?

True Gaming Classic – Matched Casino Bonuses

From your 1st deposit to any reload bonus you find, the matched casino bonuses are a staple. The matched bonus is a deposit bonus where you get a percentage of your deposit money matched. It’s simple! Let’s say you have a 100% welcome bonus. That means your 1st deposit will be doubled up to a pre-agreed threshold.

So, if you have a 100% welcome bonus up to €500, this means that when you deposit €20 will match that amount by 100%, granting you another €20. The maximum amount you may claim is if you deposit €500 in which case you will get another €500 based on the 100% matched amount. However, if your deposit exceeds the max amount, you can only get €500.

It does sound like a treat, and it is, yet be careful about the wagering requirements. Whatever you may think of matched bonuses, though, it’s actually one of the best types of promotions. The deposit bonus is quite the nifty little tool. It allows you to have a say in how much bonus funds you get and adjust that amount to a pace of play you are comfortable with.

A matched or deposit bonus is used in almost any type of offer out there. For example, your welcome bonus will always come with a 1st deposit, and then again, your reload bonus is also a type of matched bonus. Matched bonuses are fun, and they let you have more say in what’s happening with your casino gaming session and let you tap into some additional casino bonus funds.

The matched bonus rate will vary, so you may get anything from 100% to 200% or even more. It really depends on the online casino itself and the terms and conditions of the bonus itself.

No Deposit Casino Sites: Get in on the Fun Early

A no deposit casino site will really help you out in a pickle. Actually, it’s quite possibly one of the best options out there. New casino sites often end up not requiring a deposit. Is that because they are about to become some of the best gaming options out there? That depends on the brand.

The truth is that a no deposit bonus can be of great help. This type of promotion really puts the cherry on top of the icing as you claim bonus funds, but don’t actually carry any of the risks associated with depositing money, for example. Well, isn’t that fun!

We know for a fact it is, but still, you should exercise some caution when choosing. After all, bonus funds are tempting, but not all are worth your attention. Therefore, the best no deposit online casino sites will actually make sure that you have more than just the no deposit bonus to stick around for.

This includes a variety of options that cover the entire spectrum of the casino experience. We are talking, of course, online casino games, great customer support, no withdrawal restrictions to worry about, easy way to claim deposit bonuses, and so much more.

Yet, you also want to make sure that the no deposit casino bonus you get is fun enough to be worth your time. After all, these no deposit bonuses can actually translate into real money. In the casino space, there are many brilliant picks, and it’s up to us, your resident genies, to really help you find out what you would enjoy.

Well, we can provide you with quite the extensive list of online casinos that offer – as a point of fact – no deposit bonuses. You still have to decide which one tempt you the most, though!

Free Spins & Bonus Spins – Enough Freebies to Spin Your Head

Oh, yes. When it comes to free spins or bonus spins, you are in luck! We have made sure to provide you with the ins and outs of these neat little bonuses. In other words, you will find an answer to all of this and more right here.

Now, unfortunately, you probably would not be able to consume all the free spins out there, but the good news is that you can still put some of them to good use. Bonus spins are granted upon your entry into a casino – whether as part of your 1st deposit, or 100% welcome bonus, or just as a no deposit bonus.

The point is, bonus spins are always there for you, waiting and ready to go. These freebies cover extensive casino slots and make it so much fun to play. Imagine yourself entering a casino and knowing that you have a bunch of free spins waiting for you to use on favourite games such as Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Immortal Romance, or any other worthwhile title, really.

There are many ways to claim your free spins rewards, and that is the beauty of these credits. Whether they are 10 or 50 bonus spins, they will always make your experience so much better. Free spins usually have a pre-agreed value, whether this is 0.10, 0.50, 1.00 units or some other number.

For the most part, there will be some wagering requirements, and yes, the amount you win from free spins will usually be subject to withdrawal restrictions. Is that all bad news? We don’t think so. Our genies have seen many bonus spins thrown around and we mostly agree.

They are a real delight and gameplay enhancing part of the experience. Sure, you won’t be able to win jackpot slots with these freebies, but they are still a great way to study your favourite casino games.

Best Casino Sites with No Wagering Requirements: What a Treat!

Alright, listen up – we are talking some series bonuses here. No wagering requirements casino sites are some of the most tempting ones you will find out there. In fact, they are a bit of a unicorn. You won’t find too many an online casino site that gladly foregoes the right to use T&C’s to its benefit. Yet, there isn’t really any need to panic, because Casino Jinn has travelled far and wide to bring you some excellent picks.

There are, as it turns out, plenty of online casinos that offer no wagering options. Perhaps not for all games, granted, but for a fair few, making the experience definitely worth your while. A no wager online casino sounds great, but guess what – it feels even better. You will be able to join and clear your deposit bonus right away or perhaps complete your free spins and walk away with the spoils.

There are just so many excellent scenarios here. We have noticed that many new casino sites are actually willing to go the distance on this one with you. In other words, you hardly have to worry about wagering requirements, as these casino sites want you to feel quite at home.

Now, you shouldn’t fall for an online casino just because it holds some no wagering bonuses, which we admit is awesome. Instead, you should approach a casino that has caught your eye with the same caution and high standards as you always have. Of course, Casino Jinn is quite capable of furnishing the names of all great casino sites that actually come with a sweet no wagering condition attached to them!

casinojinn casino reviews

Payment Methods at Casino Sites: Let’s Make Withdrawals Fast!

Now, if you were given a choice between a casino site that cashes out all your money in a split-second and another online casino that dragged its feet and was often late, that would not be a real choice, to begin with. Casino players are demanding, and that is alright! The industry has come a long way, and all online casinos should know by now that payments are a crucial part of the experience.

Put another way, quick payments are king in the modern online casino context, and there is no shame in you asking for a sterling service. In fact, we strongly recommend it. Casino Jinn knows how much you love instant banking, and that’s why we have taken a look at one or two online casino sites that actually bother to provide you with lighting-fast cashouts.

Actually, that is the only kind we consider, to be fair. There are tons of payment options designed to optimise your payments when at an online casino. They include bank cards, e-wallets, mobile payment solutions, pre-paid vouchers, and direct bank transfers. New casino sites may even have some unique payment options, such as pay n play solutions, making it easier to start playing.

Now, what matters in each case is the speed of the transaction. A casino site that values you will make sure that everything happens quickly and without unnecessary delays. Gone are the delays, slow speed of transaction and pending times when dealing with real money transfers.

Our genies will only look up and recommend those online casinos that put great storey by the payment options and make it simple to cash in and out.

Pay by Phone Casino Sites: Always Handy

You are paying by phone when at a casino can be quite the solution. The truth is this payment method allows you to spend less, and some casino players really value the implied control. Having a somewhat more limited spending power means that you value your real money funds more and you will seek to utilise your casino bonus funds better.

There are various payment methods that allow you to pay by phone, too. It’s important to make the difference between mobile payment solutions and pay by phone options, too. Boku and Zimpler are clearly pay-by-phone options because they allow you to subtract money directly from your monthly phone bill.

Yet, there are other payment options, such as Apple Pay, for example. Apple Pay is quite popular with new casino sites in the UK, and it surely is one of the best payment options out there. It’s quick, wired directly into your phone setup and incredibly secure.

You don’t actually spend your phone bill money, but rather use your Apple Wallet to manage payments which is always handy. Apple Pay empowers your experience in excellent new ways, although its reach may often be limited just to UK online casinos. That is not an issue as there are many similar mobile wallets available today!

Boku Casino Sites: Paying with Your Nex Phone Bill

Boku casino sites are naturally quite intuitive. What these online casinos do is to allow you and pay with your next phone bill. The money you wish to deposit into an online casino is directly subtracted from your phone bill, making for a very easy way of keeping track of your total spend.

More importantly, however, this method adds another layer of security between you and your preferred online casino. You see, there is no need to reveal sensitive data to make this deposit. All you get is a text message and make sure to confirm it so that the money is then added to your phone bill at the end of the month.

There are some limitations as to how much you can deposit via Boku, so that is also another place. In Casino Jinn’s opinion, it’s a very good way to keep track of how much you spend and never cross a threshold. The only downside that casino players agree on is the fact you cannot really withdraw using this payment method. However, it still is a popular method among the big casinos in the UK, for example.

PayPal Casino Sites: Safe, Secure and Easy

If you are wondering how to bank quickly and safely at the same time, and avoid the hassle of traditional banking, PayPal may be the right solution for you. This payment option works equally well for mobile and desktop users, and it’s quite nifty. A PayPal online casino allows you to deposit and withdraw quickly and enjoys an added layer of security.

In fact, if online casino payments today are completely safe, PayPal has had a huge part to play in establishing deposits and withdrawals the way they should be. PayPal makes everything safe, quick to the touch and reliable. A PayPal balance can be recharged with a debit card or directly from your bank account, but it’s always there to provide you with an extra layer of security.

It’s a handy way to pay via mobile or use from a desktop device. When available, PayPal also means that the online casinos you have picked are quite safe, as even PayPal can operate in the jurisdiction you are playing from. It’s quite the payment method.

Thanks to the e-wallet’s integrated KYC and AML standards, you will notice that the payment option enjoys a fairly high degree of trust among players, even if it requires to verify your identity very early on into using the payment method.


Customer Support: Always There to Help

In the past, online casinos customer support used to be the stuff of nightmares. Slow, clunky and rather unhelpful, contacting support was an act of desperation. A sort of the last stand you make before giving up on a casino for good and move on with your life. Today, though, customer support comes to exemplify a casino and what it stands for.

Players who are eager to get in on the action will definitely feel a little safer in the knowledge that support is always there. Customer care agents are available 24/7 and in reach via many of the available methods. Those methods include contacting via phone, email and more importantly live chat.

Most casino players these days agree that live chat is the quickest and best option of all. It’s an instant way to get in touch with a casino site and have your question heard, which is great. Email and phone are equally fun, but they may be a little more stressful or take a bit longer. Another way to see what’s up with a casino is to check out the FAQ sections. These are becoming increasingly helpful these days, allowing you to have a quick way to find out information about an online casino.

Either way, Casino Jinn only recommends online casinos where support is really important. Last but hardly least, many online casinos are actually on social media. Whether this is Twitter, Facebook or some other social media, you can always comment and get in touch this way. It’s quite fun and helpful.

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Casino Games: What Matters in the End

Casino games are definitely the biggest driver of interest behind any casino. Players flock in anticipation of finding their favourite slots and table games, live dealer options, video poker and more. There are tons of available games to experience, and our genies know where to find the best one.

A great casino these days will usually have games in the hundreds, and often in the thousands. Powerful content aggregators make shopping around for the best one so simple these days. Instead of negotiating individual deals, the best online casinos will simply strike an understanding with highly-trusted content partners and take it from there.

As a result, players can delve deep into a variety of awesome options, including slot games, jackpot slots, table games, video poker, and all sorts of live dealer games. Up and coming new developers are making their mark on the casino industry as well, completely shifting the paradigms towards new and exciting gaming experiences.

Better yet, you will be able to uncover a whole lot of excellent opportunities. The online casino games available at Casino Jinn’s recommended sites fit any taste. They are quick to the touch and come with bountiful opportunities, flexible betting limits and quite a few excellent features.

You will explore table games that innovate the classic experience and find slot games which strive to improve upon the current technologies by adding bonus rounds, multipliers, bonus spins, and so much more. Overall, our genies have the nose for finding the best gaming options out there, and you can rest assured an online casino site we recommend has plenty to offer in the gaming department.

Live Casino Sites: Better Than the Real Thing

Are you having a blast? Great, because this means you are probably onto a good thing! Live casino sites are here to add a new level of excitement to your mundane gaming session, though. In the past, live games used to be clunky, but bless the high-speed Internet, polished graphics and multi-camera live studios developed by the likes of Ezugi, Evolution and NetEnt.

There are quite a few fantastic options out there when it comes to living casino gaming. The experience has truly made it to the next level, and live casino games are definitely fun to play. They bring you the same level of fun, but quicken the pace and are admittedly easier on the purse. Gambling sites are huge fans of live dealer products because players love them so much.

A live casino usually gives you the opportunity to experience every aspect of brick-and-mortar casinos. You get a chance to enjoy roulette, baccarat and blackjack. Yet, there are a handful of entertaining TV show-style games that really up the ante for anyone who enjoys casino gaming.

Players will get a taste of fantastic opportunities such as Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, Sic Bo and Craps, Speed Baccarat and Immersive Roulette, Lightning Dice, and First Person Blackjack, Blackjack Party, and Infinite Blackjack. Every brand is free to put an individual spin on its live casino games.

All do, and Casino Jinn always seeks out those brands that add real value to the experience and make it fun for you to play and enjoy live dealer games. Even if you are not too fond of live games, it’s hard to resist the good-looking, professional and welcoming live dealers that await for you in the best live casinos!

Table Games: Card Dealing and Spinning Wheels

If you are the type of player who prefers to stick around with more strategic games, table games might be just what you need. These titles will allow you to not only have a bit of casual fun but also play according to a more in-depth strategy. Players get to test their skill in games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

Of course, some of the skill factors are missing at online casinos. You can’t, for example, count cards, which is probably a bit of a setback, but don’t worry. There are plenty of other strategies you can put to good use, whether this is Martingale, Fibonacci, or some other cunning stratagem.

More importantly, our genies look up the casino that packs the widest and most entertaining variety, combining popular new versions with classic gems. Roulette comes in all popular denominations, and so does blackjack. The house edge in such games is usually pretty low, and somewhat better than slots.

Video poker is one of those games that falls under its own categories, but it’s still a type of table game, and that’s why we list it here. Now, in video poker, you will play against the casino instead against fellow players, but it’s still quite fun. Oh, and while on the subject of table games, video poker is hardly the only worthwhile version.

Players can, in fact, have their pick of the litter and choose games with great table limits, variance, and more. If you are not sure where to start, check our extensive guides to pick the best one for your taste!

Video Slots: Everyone’s Favourite

It’s hard to turn a blind eye when slots are involved. Slots are the most entertaining genre of casino games, and there doesn’t seem to be any other way about it. Casino slots let you explore and dive into awesome scenarios that you didn’t even suspect existed.

Are you keen to set out across the stars? Perhaps Starburst is what you have been looking for all along. Want to try your hand at a magical world? Jumanji will let you alter the world around you in real-time. There are tons of great scenarios, and they have all been adopted by slot developers.

There are virtually thousands of possible games out there today that are part of the slot portfolio, offering all sorts of fun game scenarios, features, and more. A video slot comes with the simplest gameplay of all casino games you will find, yet the potential for awesome surprises seems unlimited.

Video slots come with very flexible betting limits where you can place just 0.10 units at a time or push your bet size all the way up to 125.00 units instead. Slots these days come with around 96% or 97% return-to-player rate, but this is hardly all you get out of the bargain.

In fact, these games have unique features, such as megaways, progressive jackpots, bonus games, or 3D animated gameplay that makes them unique in each case. Slots are simple fun, and mightily rewarding if you are lucky enough to get the right circumstances.

Besides, free spins, which are the most sought-after casino bonus, apply to these games, making your online casino experience one of a kind.

Bingo Sites: Fun, Light and Rewarding

We hardly think there are more fun casino sites than those dedicated to bingo. Bingo is a game that goes back hundreds of years, but it’s living a renaissance with the introduction of mobile and online gaming. You are probably wondering, what makes bingo so fun these days?

Well, the best bingo sites hold the answer to this one. A bingo site is colourful and pleasant, offers quite a few treats, but more importantly, has made it simple for you to enjoy the casino experience.

Bingo is very accessible, thanks to its small-ticket prices and fairly sizeable rewards. Players who choose bingo are both competitive, but they also look for a slightly more casual gaming environment, which a game of bingo can provide quite well.

Yet, a bingo site doesn’t just rely on bingo games to keep everyone entertained. No, there is a more casual feeling to the entire website, with frequent tournaments, loyalty programs and special activations available around the week. More importantly, though, a bingo site will always feature cool little games such as slots and scratch cards, lottery, and other raffles to keep you entertained.

Casino Sister Sites: Can You Trust the Family?

The answer to this question is simple – it really depends on the family. It’s quite normal to be wary of some online casinos and favour others. In fact, sister sites are pretty much the same when it comes to core features. Customer support, withdrawal speeds and overall reputation doesn’t vary much across brands.

If the owner is a decent company and recognised as such by the community, you can expect all sister websites to be a great choice. On the flip side, you have those websites who use their lineage to try and sweep the dirt under the rug, but Casino Jinn knows how to spot them and expose them.

Alright, since we are only going to talk about the good sister online casinos, you are probably wondering – why would I want more of the same? It really depends on being fair. Some sister casinos are released to test new features or a new version of casino gameplay.

For example, one casino may pretty standard, offering FIAT banking payment options, a KYC and AML mandatory checks done manually and so on. Yet, a sister casino may decide to make things a little more interesting and add a Pay n Play function or even experiment with blockchain gaming.

Operators are happy to try different loyalty programs, rewards and overall feel and selection of games across sister sites, making for a great way to cater to everyone’s tastes. Sister casinos, so long as there is a solid company behind them, are always an attempt to improve on the existing experience, and not merely a replica.

Game Providers – Meet the Masterminds Behind Gaming

Who keeps you entertained when visiting an online casino? Is it the casino itself? Perhaps, but there are other forces at play behind the scenes. That is where casino vendors – or providers – come in. We are talking, of course, about the companies that build the software on which the entire casino is based and then integrate their solutions – that is the games – into the platform.

Casino vendors are quite important. The good news is that today the industry is so advanced that no rogue studios are available. Every studio that supplies games will be licensed and authorised to do so by a regulatory body and vetted by a testing agency.

Now, while all games are quite cool, players naturally have their preferences. Some are fond of NetEnt’s growing portfolio of products. Others are Microgaming loyalists who would not touch another game, and third stick with Nektan religiously, as they find it to be the best supplier of games for online casinos there is.

While these personal preferences definitely come into play when picking a game, the standards set by the industry prove quite unambiguously that some suppliers just end up creating better games. A player can take into consideration many things to decide if a game is just what they look for.

Some players are fond of the narrative and plot. Others enjoy the short cinematic intros that add to the feeling of immersion. The third group of players are all about the cold facts, and they look for the best variance, return and opportunity to win. Picking the best game providers, therefore is really a matter what you think is best for your own gameplay.

Probability Casino Sites: Let’s Focus on Mobile

Probability is an interesting developer of casino games, with a particular focus. In fact, the focus is mobile, and that’s all these casinos do. Probability casino sites make it possible for you to enjoy excellently mobile gameplay, uninterrupted by incompatibility and other setbacks. Overall, this brand is popular with sites in the UK, which gives players quite the opportunity to experience a mobile-first gaming environment. Yet, you don’t have to worry about that, as there are plenty of fantastic casino sites to try out there.

NetEnt Casino Sites: Our Own Top Choice

NetEnt is, without a doubt, the most brilliant studio you will find out there. The company has done a fantastic job of creating leading gaming products. So much, in fact, that iGaming wouldn’t be what it is today without NetEnt’s expertise and say in the matter.

NetEnt casinos are naturally an extension of that excellence. The developer may not have been the first to create online games, but it’s perhaps the most prolific these days. There are around 40 games developed under the NetEnt own banner every year.

Yet, this number doesn’t include the many smaller studios that work under the NetEnt brand. How about the casinos? They are fantastic experiences that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Packed with unique games straight from the iGaming source, NetEnt online casinos are some of the best.

They come with quick functionality, many free spins bonuses, and all types of games. NetEnt casinos will provide you with a great max bonus, pack your gameplay with many free spins and let you claim from all sorts of excellent deposit bonus offers.

Players can choose from slots, live dealer games, video poker, table games and more. Each game is immersive, comes with sophisticated design and yet – very pleasant and simple gameplay. Whether you are new to NetEnt casinos or a loyalist, you will find these gaming sites to be a real blast.

Nektan Casino Sites: Another Top Brand to Try

Nektan is another hotly-recommended brand. You have probably had the opportunity to experience a whole bunch of the brand’s casino games already, and that is brilliant. Yet, to truly appreciate the studio, you will probably need a dedicated gaming environment. This is precisely where we come in.

Players who want to dive deep in the casino site slot experience have done well seeking out Nektan’s products. There are tons of fantastic games to choose from. Some are familiar, whereas others are brand-new. And so, you get to play Candy Swap, Best of British, Fiesta, Plucky Pirates and so many more.

Choosing a casino site brand is easy, and some casinos are actually based on specific software, making that choice even simpler. So, ultimately, it really boils down to what you want to try. A Nektan casino site definitely sounds like a treat. There are bountiful bonuses to claim, free spins, and so much more. It really all comes down to your personal preference, so choose wisely and remember, Casino Jinn is always here to help.


Overall, there are so many things you probably want to know about online casinos. Hopefully, with your casino genies by your side, things are a little clearer now. An online casino is not a static phenomenon. It’s constantly evolving, changing, and morphing itself into something new. With the help of our dedicated reviewing, helpful guides, and recommendations, though, you may come closer to making sense of the torrent of information.

A casino site is only as good as you find it to be, outside the objective factors that we hold in high regard. Yet, players are free to make their own choices, and we definitely welcome this attitude. If you are looking for a great casino today, we believe that Casino Jinn is indeed the best starting point for you.

Dive into a world of welcome bonus options, free spins, and online casino games designed to make your experience better. Plunder the spin winnings and make your stay at any casino site more enjoyable by making the right decisions. All you need to do to get there? Just give the lamp a good rub and let the genies sort out the rest for you!


What are the best online casinos?

The best online casinos are really a matter of what you need and want. Some casinos focus on a rich gaming experience, whereas others come with cool VIP and loyalty programs. You can always look for a casino site that best meets your own expectations. Yet, make sure that they are industry-recognised online casinos above all else. To ensure that, read the reviews on

Can I find free bonus funds at casinos?

Yes, free bonus funds are quite popular at online casinos. The best casino sites will always have some form of bonus waiting for you. You can usually claim bonuses as a new player, but also continue to pick bonuses once you have established at a casino site.

What casino bonuses are there?

There are many different types of casino bonuses to try. You can choose and pick from welcome bonus packages, free spins, reload bonuses, refer a friend and more. There are also VIP and loyalty bonuses as well.

How can I tell if a casino site is safe?

To know for a fact if a casino is safe, you should look at what other players think about it, check the safety measures used on the site, and more. Casino Jinn though saves you all this trouble by carrying out those mandatory checks for you quickly and efficiently.