Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files of information saved directly on the user’s computers when accessing Casino Jinn, hereafter referred to as the Website. Cookies allow the Website to remember specific preferences and actions taken by the reader or user as they browse through. 

You Agree to Cookies by Using the Website

By continuing to use the Website, you agree to the terms outlined in this Cookies policy. You agree that our cookies can be saved and stored on your computer or device. 

Please be warned that you can still access and browse through the Website without cookies, but the Website may malfunction as a result.

If you do not wish our cookies to be stored on your computer, please deactivate that setting from your browser’s options. 

Types of Cookies Used Here

The Website will generally use several types of cookies. These cookies will be stored for a limited or extended time on your computer. There are three general types of cookies right now:

  • Necessary as in technical necessity;
  • Stored over a short period;
  • Stored by third party providers.

These cookies will all aim to make the overall experience at the Website better and provide you with a better way to access the offer. Some of these cookies will be used to ensure the proper functioning of the Website as well as to collect valid data.

Cookies can help the Website identify browsing patterns and, by extension, see what products are desirable by readers and consumers.

Using Cookies to Analyse Traffic

In order to achieve the best performance and results, the Website uses specific software that allows it to quickly and unequivocally analyse reader users and readers’ browsing habits and patterns.

The data is then fed into licensed solutions, such as Google Analytics, to be able to break down browsing patterns and traffic data and enable the Website to provide better overall data. 

All such information is treated carefully and only provided to partners to improve the browsing experience that affects consumers, readers, and users of the Website. 

Cookies may be used by other third-party tools that the Website finds appropriate and necessary to use. 

Can You Delete Information Transmitted Via Cookies

In cases where readers and consumers want to have any transmitted information from the Website, they may do so by getting in touch with the Website and requesting this in a written form.

The Website will have the responsibility to delete the information within the legal time frame. However, please be informed that it is the sole responsibility of consumers to allow and deny cookies access.

This Cookies Policy bounds every reader, consumer, or user of the Website, and they agree that certain cookies will be installed quickly on their computers and devices during browsing sessions.
For further details on cookies, we urge you to read the official resources found at The Website sticks with established safety solutions to ensure that its cookies are safe. Yet, it’s the consumer, reader, or website user who should ensure their data protection.