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To What End Should I Use the Information at Casino Jinn?

As an entertainment product, Casino Jinn recommends sticking to the website as a source of new developments in the casino industry. This means that you can use Casino Jinn as a catalogue of what new games, casinos and bonuses are available, but never as a website where you can find or gain insight to the point where you can “beat” casinos or their games.

Gambling games are designed to inherently favour the house, meaning that in the long term, you will always lose. While you could still win big, it’s all down to pure luck, and there is no way to influence the games to your benefits.

Are Bonuses Helpful?

There is no statistical proof to suggest that a bonus is helpful in the sense it helps you win more. The only thing that a bonus does is to give you more money to play with, but there is no guarantee that this would result in a better or higher frequency of winnings. 

The best thing to do is consider if a bonus will actually benefit your gameplay in the sense of extending your session. Please be advised that extending your gaming session is not always the best course of action nor is being rushed to complete terms and conditions that bonuses usually come with.

What Happens If My Data Is Lost?

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