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Are you looking for new slot sites? Well, today is your lucky day because Casino Jinn is out of his lamp to help you. In recent years, the online gambling industry has grown significantly as many casino operators bring new slot sites. Players who join new slot sites are in a better position of getting better games than their counterparts at existing slot websites. Also, new slot websites provide lots of opportunities to those looking for more lucrative bonus offers.

21 New Slot Sites in our Database

    Wisho Casino
    100% Up to 300€
    100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 30x



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    Wisho Casino

    100% Up to 300€ 100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 30x


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    Wild Tokyo Casino
    100% Up to 100€
    100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 45x



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    Wild Tokyo Casino

    100% Up to 100€ 100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 45x


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    Million Vegas Casino
    150% Up to 500€
    Free Spins

    Wagering - 35x



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    Million Vegas Casino

    150% Up to 500€  

    Wagering - 35x


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    ComeOn Casino
    100% Up to 500€
    100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 40x



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    ComeOn Casino

    100% Up to 500€ 100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 40x


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To enjoy a new gaming experience as a slot player, it’s advisable to join the newest slot websites. These sites support new gaming technologies and the latest gaming devices. Their technology-driven offerings cater to all players and make slot gaming more fun than ever before. Besides bringing unmatched entertainment to players, new slots sites offer more winning chances to real money slot players.

Our detailed guide will introduce you to the world of brand new slot websites. It will focus on new slot games, bonus offers at new slot websites, and mobile gaming at new slot casinos. Read on to find out what new slot sites have in store for you.

Brand New Slot Sites – Join the Most Recent Slot Casinos to Win Real Money

There are many different types of brand new slot sites for every player who’s looking for something new. Whether you want to grab a better bonus deal or play the latest slot games, new slots sites have fresh offers for you. And you will benefit from new offers in different ways if you join the best new slot websites. The first step, of course, is to locate new slot websites and sign up for an online casino account.

So, where do you find the best brand new slot websites? We are glad you’ve asked this question. At Casino Jinn, we search for the best new slot sites for our esteemed visitors. On this site, you’ll see a list of new slot sites with the best new online slots and bonuses.

Our experts have reviewed and tested the slots websites listed here to make sure they are worth your time. By checking the reviews we have, you can see the pros and cons of every slot site Casino Jinn has for you.

New Slot Games – Play the Newest Slot Machines

Since the inception of the first slot games, they have become so popular that every casino gaming site is offering several variants. Nowadays, players can play both classic and modern slots for real money at various casinos. And modern casino operators offer new games from time to time in an attempt to entice new players as well as existing customers.

Every slot player who’s interested in trying new things must be aware of new slot games in the market. It’s okay to have some favourite classic games, but new games will introduce you to a world you’ve never imagined. The best part is that you can play new slot machines without going to a physical casino.

New Online Slots – Enjoy New Slots at Online Casinos

Speaking of online slots, there’s no more convenient way to play these games than playing them at the newest online slot websites. All you need to play new online slots is to have a device that has stable internet connection. Here, we are talking about a computer, smartphone, or tablet that’s powerful enough to load a slot site and play the available slots. Most mobile gadgets can load the vast majority of online gambling sites, so we bet your current device is good enough.

The newest slots at online casinos are not like the games you are used to. As you continue reading this article, you’ll realise that new slots come with more thrilling features than their older versions. The more new online slots you play, the more you learn to accept new games and even identify the most suitable options depending on what you like.

By visiting Casino Jinn regularly, you will stay ahead of every slot player because we always keep our list of new online slots updated. We mainly focus on the best new slots that align with your gaming needs. If you feel lucky today, we recommend that you join the new online slot sites we’ve listed for you on this site. You will have an opportunity to play the best new games and enjoy the most profitable bonuses.


Reasons to Join New Slot Sites

The online slots industry is crowded with lots of old slot sites, and many of them are still following the old ways. If you are tired of old-fashioned slot games and unattractive welcome bonus offers, it’s time to switch to new slot sites. Serious lot players are always eager to know what else is available to improve their experience at online slots sites. They join new online slot sites to enjoy the following benefits.

  • New slots sites provide everything you are used in addition to new game titles and promotions that are not available on existing online casinos.
  • At new slot websites, players get the opportunity to enjoy more generous bonus offers that they would at old slot casino websites.
  • Brand new slot gaming sites will have a better gaming interface with more attractive graphics. They are able to appeal to the young generation with more beautiful designs.
  • New online casinos utilise the newest technologies and use a mobile-first approach to meet the needs of mobile gamers.
  • The newest slot websites also open doors for new software providers to showcase their slot game development skills by providing brand new slots.
  • Another advantage of joining new slots sites is that players benefit from unparalleled customer service. The truth is that many existing online casinos are still struggling to keep up with the latest communication technologies. But new slot casino websites adopt the latest methods of communication such as live chats and offer 24/7 customer support.

Innovation at New Slot Sites

Innovation is one of the key factors online slot site operators keep in mind when introducing a new slot site. Through new creative ideas, slot site developers come up with something unique to keep players entertained and engaged.

One of the best ways to use innovation is to create slot sites with a completely new design. For example, new slot sites use advanced programming techniques to create websites that are easy to navigate. This way, slot players are able to locate both new and existing games using an instant search feature. New slot casino websites are also carefully crafted with themes that appeal to different groups of players.

New Slots with Innovative Themes

For many fans of slots, innovative themes play a vital role in helping then choose the types of games they want to play. Luckily, with so many video slots to choose from, it’s not that hard to locate slots with your favourite themes.

At the newest slot casinos, you’ll find games based on almost anything you can think of, including love mythology, films, music, nature, politics, comic books, sports, and even wildlife. In case you enjoyed the latest blockbuster and you love slots, you are most likely to enjoy a new slot based on it. Chances are it won’t take long before you come across a slot based on the most recent movie you’ve watched. You should stay alert to take advantage of such games as soon as they appear on the new slot sites.

3D Slots at New Slot Casinos

Of course, we can’t talk about innovative slots without mentioning 3D slots. The best new slot sites are capturing the attention of players with powerful, 3D slot games that are better than traditional slots. Unlike ordinary online slots, 3D slot games offer great content.

The developers of new 3D slots use new technologies to bring a new gaming experience and create slots with advanced features. Thanks to the high-tech nature of these 3D casino games, players get amazing 3D sounds and graphics that are out of this world.

When you play at new slots sites with 3D slots, you get a chance to enjoy games with improved visuals and animated characters. Also, the interface is pretty stunning, and the gameplay is always superior to what most players are used to. Another reason to play 3D slots at new slot gaming sites is that players benefit from more interactive features and innovative bonus offers.

New Slots from New Providers – Enjoy Something New from New Slot Developers

Several online slot developers have been around since the introduction of the first online slots. Gaming giants like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Play’n GO have powered slot sites for many years and are still among the best software providers. But these are not the only companies to supply top-quality slot games.

We know it’s easy to trust popular software providers, but it’s important to give the most recent entrants a try. Many new slots sites have an eye on emerging developers to see if these companies can offer what the oldest developers are not offering.

Right now, many new slot developers have become increasingly popular. For example, a company like Big Time Gaming came many years after Microgaming and NetEnt and is always bringing something new to the online slot industry. The company has already built a positive brand name and is responsible for providing many new slot websites with an impressive collection of new slots.

Blueprint Gaming and Pragmatic Play are also great examples of slot developers who emerged after famous companies like NetEnt and won the hearts of slot gamers in many ways. Today, both software developers boast a huge portfolio of online slot games. Their ever-growing collection of slots features new games with exciting features. Both companies have set a good example of the kind of software developers that slot sites need to partner with to meet the evolving needs of players.

Based on what had happened in the past, it’s expected that new online slot developers will keep emerging. You shouldn’t be afraid to try out games from such developers if you want to try something new. In fact, new slot developers will do whatever it takes to make sure they stand out and make a good impression. Casino Jinn will always let you know about the best new options, so be sure to stick around.

Play New Slots with Better Payouts

The payout percentage of a slot game influences the decisions of players who know what they are doing. You want to play slots with higher payout percentages so you can play longer and stand a better chance of winning with or without bonuses.

A slot game payout percentage is commonly known as return to player (RTP). On average, slots have better RTPs than other games at online casinos. For this reason, many new slot websites let players know the RTPs of the slots they are offering. This means that players can easily choose the best-paying slots even if they are not yet familiar with a new slot site.

Bonuses at New Slot Sites – Play New Slots with Free Money

Bonuses are among the most important things to consider when searching for new slots sites. All slot casino operators who value their customers have slots bonuses for both new players and existing customers. Existing casino brands may have one or several slots bonuses, but new slot websites will often offer something you’ve never seen before. Most of their bonuses are so generous that you can’t just ignore them.

If you join new slot websites as a new player, you can find an incredible bonus offer designed just for you. And players who choose to become devoted members of new slots sites will qualify for various sweet deals. You must learn how to make the most of such offers to give your bankroll a boost.

We are speaking of casino welcome bonus offers, free sign up bonuses, and of course, free spins. Let’s see the different types of bonuses you’ll find at new slot sites recommended by Casino Jinn.

casinojinn new slot sites

New Slots Welcome Bonus – Begin a New Gaming Experience with a Welcome Offer

Here at Casino Jinn, we work hard every day to make sure that players get a worthwhile welcome offer. A great welcome bonus offer is always designed to welcome new players. As existing slot sites compete to entice new players with a good first impression, new slot websites work even harder to look more attractive. For this reason, you are most likely to get a bigger bonus offer if you join new slot sites.

A welcome bonus encompasses different types of bonuses, including exclusive bonus offers that are not available on other sites. Upon joining new slots websites, players enjoy new free spins deals, better deposit bonuses and more lucrative free bonuses. You shouldn’t wait for even a second if you come across such offers. Grab one to boost your bankroll as soon as you join a new slot casino.

Free Spins – Claim More Rewarding Bonus Spins by Joining the Newest Slot Sites

Notably, many slot sites will come with incredible free spins bonuses for new players. The truth is that casino bonuses with extra spins have been around for many years. But you’ll notice that many new slot sites have better free spins deals than their older counterparts. You are probably used to slot casinos offering 20, 30 or 50 extra spins. Although such offers are good, new slot websites are offering more rewarding bonus spins.

For example, we’ve seen new casinos with 100, 300 or more free spins! It’s every player’s dream to get such free spin deals without having to spend a lot of effort and money. Casino Jinn is aware of that. That is why he is on a mission to identify the best free spins bonuses for new players who join newly launched slot casinos. So, be sure to check his free spins offers for the best slot bonuses with the largest number of extra spins.

Claim Bonus on the Best New Slots

Usually, real money slot websites award extra spins on specific slot games. For many online casinos, a slot game like the Book of Dead has always been a great option for extra spins. But with the introduction of fresh slots with better gameplay, new casinos are slowly shifting their focus to new games. Players now have a chance to claim extra spin on new games with greater chances of winning.

In fact, some casinos outsmart their competitors and bring magnificent deals on a specific provider’s new slots. Let’s say Play’n GO released a new title. A brand can have a special deal for that particular game, such as, 100 free spins. At this point, all you need to get those offers is keeping en eye on the best Play’n GO casinos Casino Jinn reviewed.

New Slots Websites with Generous Deposit Match Bonuses

In both the newest and the oldest slot gaming platforms, a deposit bonus requires players to spend a certain amount of money. There will always be a minimum deposit amount for those willing to claim deposit bonuses.

Newly developed slot casinos try to make sure that the minimum deposit amount is as low as possible. For instance, it’s easy to find new online casinos that allow new players to claim deposit bonuses with as low as €5. How cool is that?

If you’ve been playing slots for a while, you know that the industry standard is a 100% match bonus. For us, this should be the lowest match welcome bonus offer you should accept on your 1st deposit. There’s no denying that it’s a great deal, but the fact is you can easily find newly-established slot sites with much bigger match bonuses. If you search well, you might have your 1st deposit bonus matched up to 150% or 200%.

New Slot Sites with a Free Signup Bonus – Get Started with No Deposit Bonus Offers

You are probably asking, do I need to deposit to claim bonuses at new slot websites? Well, besides offering deposit bonus offers, the new slot casinos we recommend also offer no deposit bonus deals. The remarkable thing about no deposit bonus offers is that they won’t cost you a single coin.

With that in mind, no deposit bonus offers are also known as free signup bonuses. This is because the key requirement for claiming a no deposit bonus is to sign up. New casinos that offer slots often capitalise on these bonuses because they can easily attract new players.

The type of no deposit bonus you’ll receive will depend on the site you join. The best new slot sites will combine several bonuses to make the deal more appealing. For example, you may receive 50 bonus spins and bonus finds worth €10 just for signing up. No player should miss out on such an offer.

New Slot Websites with Higher Max Bonus Limits

The max bonus limit is one of the key determinants of how lucrative your 1st deposit welcome bonus will be. Usually, your bonus funds can only reach a specified amount, which varies from one casino to another. This is to ensure that players do not receive an unreasonable amount of bonus funds.

If the highest amount of bonus funds you’ve managed to get on your 1st deposit is less than €1,000, we would like to tell you that that’s not the highest you can get. Courtesy of new slot websites, it’s now possible to get a welcome bonus with a max bonus worth more than €1,000! You only have to look in the right places. Since we research such offers on your behalf, you can always find those goodies on

Enticing Loyalty Programmes at New Slot Casinos

How about players who join new slot websites and choose to stay? Well, every new casino site expects to turn new players into loyal customers. And if they succeed, they have to maintain their existing customers. That’s the way to go for new operators who want to stay on top of the competition.

So, once you claim your bonus spins, bonus funds, deposits bonuses and other offers, don’t walk away. The best new slot websites offer tempting loyalty programmes to keep their existing customers motivated. Also, loyal customers can expect to receive more slot promotions as the new site continues to grow.

More Friendly Bonus Terms and Conditions at New Slot Websites

Even as you claim free welcome bonus offers and deposit bonus deals, remember that all of them come with bonus terms and conditions. So far, we’ve talked about the minimum deposit requirement new players must meet to claim a welcome bonus. Whatever the terms and conditions are, most new slot websites will try to make them as attractive as possible.

Let’s look at bonus wagering requirements as an example. Some existing slot websites will have wagering requirements set to as high as 50x. But many new slot gaming websites are willing to work with a wagering requirement of 20x. This is quite a reasonable wagering requirement because it will lower your chances of losing your bonus funds and boost your winning chances.

Besides setting lenient wagering requirements, the best new slot casino websites will have reasonable withdrawal restrictions. To make you feel at home, they will let you withdraw huge amounts of your winnings, unlike some old casino brands. You should always read the bonus terms and conditions and meet the wagering requirement when claiming new slot bonuses to avoid unnecessary frustrations.

New Mobile Slot Sites – Play the Latest Slots Anywhere You Want

Mobile gaming technology has revolutionised the online casino industry in numerous ways. At first, players were excited to discover that they could play casino games online without visiting brick-and-mortar casinos. The earliest slot websites to allow online gaming relied on desktop computers. But new mobile slot sites have sprouted, allowing players to play slots and other casino games on mobile devices.

In a world where mobile devices are everywhere, mobile casinos that offer slots keep emerging every new day. The operators of these websites consider the needs of every mobile player by designing casino websites that are compatible with the most popular mobile operating systems. This is possible because of ultramodern technologies like HTML5.

Actually, the greatest benefit of playing slots at new casino websites is that you can wager on the go. Above all, new mobile casino websites and apps come with everything you need as a player. You can use the app or mobile-friendly website to play games, claim the available slot bonus offers and cash out your winnings.

New Android and iOS Slot Sites

There is no doubt that most mobile casino fans use Android and iOS operating systems. New slot site developers and operators know this, and that’s why they develop slot apps and website for both platforms. Players can play the latest slots whether you are using an iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet. And you can play these games while travelling or at home.

How to Get Started When You Join New Slots Websites

Let’s be honest here. If you feel comfortable playing slots at old casinos, you might be reluctant to join new slots sites. But the best slot players are versatile enough to embrace new changes for a better gaming experience. As they say, change is inevitable. Oftentimes, new slots websites will have something that will capture your attention, so you shouldn’t be contented with what old slot site operators are offering.

The big question is, how do you face your fears and escape that comfort zone? Well, one thing we’ve noticed about new slot gaming sites is that they allow you to play the latest slots for free. In other words, you can play new slots in demo mode until the moment you feel you are ready to spin the reels of a new slot game for real money. This way, you don’t have to spend any of your money on new slots. If you play for free and realise that you like a new slot, you can then wager for real money with no worries.

Sign up for a New Slots Site Account to Win Real Money

Most new slot site operators will let you try their new gaming platform and slot games even without an account. When you visit their site, you only need to visit the slots section and choose to play your preferred slot game in demo mode.

You’ll have lots of fun playing new online slots for free, but you will never win real money no matter how long you play. And that’s why you need to sign up for a new slot site account.

Generally, there are no significant changes as far as the registration process is concerned. But we can tell you that new slot websites use the latest data protection technology to make sure that every detail you share with them is safe. Once you sign up, you can make a deposit, claim a bonus and withdraw your winnings if you win.

Is it Safe to Join New Online Slots Sites?

As we said before, it’s easy to get used to slots sites that have been around for a long time. Safety is one of the reasons why a player might want to stay in one place. Many players may be unwilling to join new slot websites because they don’t know what awaits in terms of security. We understand their concerns, but it all comes down to the kind of new slot sites you choose to join.

For player safety, we always recommend you to check the site by yourself. Don’t join a new slot site just because the operator is offering a huge welcome bonus. You should first examine the slot website to ensure that the operator has acquired the necessary security measurements. Additionally, you can make sure that the new slot site is regulated by trustworthy organisations such as the UK Gambling Commission, or the MGA.

All approved slot casinos offer the latest slots developed using random number generators (RNGs). Each new gaming site must partner with developers whose RNG has been certified to make sure that new slots are not rigged. The work of an RNG is to produce random outcomes whenever a player hits the spin button of a slot machine. It ensures that the site operator or player cannot manipulate the results.

Cutting-Edge Security Measures to Protect Players at New Slot Websites

New slot sites offer maximum security to players by using trusted security technologies. The best ones make the most of HTTPS and SSL to safeguard your information and internet activity. With these technologies, it’s extremely difficult for hackers to access your details. Every detail will be encrypted to make sure that no one can read it even if your information lands in the wrong hands.

New Slot Sites Accept the Latest Payment Methods

As a real money slot player, you ought to pay attention to the available payment methods at slots sites. Fortunately, the vast majority of slot sites use reputable payment methods to facilitate deposits and withdrawals. They will allow you to use popular banking methods such as MasterCard, Visa, Skrill and Neteller among others.

But new slot sites have taken it a notch higher by providing the latest banking options in addition to the usual ones. They accept the newest e-wallets and advanced digital payment options like cryptocurrencies. If you would like to keep up with the latest trends, we are delighted to inform you that the best new slot sites accept new banking methods like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Furthermore, some of them even accept Boku and Apple Pay so that you can pay by mobile easily.

With these and other new payment methods at modern online casinos, online players can transact fast and securely. You should strive to use these options if you don’t want to remain behind when every other player is moving towards the future.


Overall, new slot sites have a lot in store for players searching for an improved gaming experience. There are lots of online casino sites offering slots, but most of the newest ones come with much better offerings. Players at new slot websites have the privilege of playing new video slots that we’ve never seen before. New slot sites are also packed with new types of bonuses to help new customers get started and encourage existing customers to keep playing.

If you don’t want to stick to the old types of slot sites and less lucrative bonus deals, join new slot websites today. After conducting a lot of research, Casino Jinn has managed to gather useful information about the best new slot sites today. What are you waiting for? Join one of our recommended slot gaming portals right now to grab an exciting bonus offer while playing the newest slots. Lastly, always gamble responsibly.


Why Should I Join New Slot Sites?

Unlike old slot websites, new slot websites offer more attractive bonuses and well-designed slots. Additionally, they come with better mobile gameplay and payment methods, such as cryptos, and popular e-wallets.

Are New Online Slot Sites Safe?

Most of the new online slot sites are safe. The vast majority of them come with a regulatory license from reputable organisations such as the UK Gambling Commission, or the Malta Gaming Authority. On top of that, the best new slot sites protect players using high-tech security measures such as HTTPS and SSL.

Which Bonuses are Available at New Slot Websites?

Most new online slot websites will offer better welcome bonuses, mouth-watering deposit offers, more free spins and very enticing free signup bonuses. Furthermore, the new slot sites at Casino Jinn come with lower wagering requirements on those bonuses.