Responsible Gambling

Casino Jinn is committed to upholding the highest standards when it comes to player protection. To this end, the website has taken all precautions to communicate that gambling should be undertaken solely for entertainment and not as a way to achieve financial stability.

With this said, gambling is fun, but it may have unwanted side effects. Players may end up spending too much time and well above their means. This is where Casino Jinn steps in and reminds you to take everything in moderation, including your hobbies.

To help you take hold of your gaming habits and see if you are engaging in healthy gameplay sessions, you can check out Casino Jinn’s questionnaire to help you spot a problem gambling habit in the making.

Are You Experiencing Problem Gambling Symptoms? 

The following questionnaire is designed with the sole purpose to help you identify responsible gambling behaviour and address it promptly. 

The questionnaire is anonymous, and you are encouraged to give truthful answers for accurate estimation of whether you are showing problem gambling symptoms. 

  1. Have you lied to your loved ones about your gambling habits?
  2. Do you find yourself preoccupied with thoughts about gambling?
  3. Have you avoided social responsibility to indulge in your gambling habit?
  4. Do you think you would steal money to fuel your gambling sessions?
  5. Have you felt distressed at the thought of not gambling?
  6. Do you find it difficult to sleep at night because you are thinking about gambling?
  7. Have you been treated for other addictions, such as video gaming, substance abuse or alcohol?
  8. Can you think of a situation where you avoided sharing about your gambling hobby because you thought it comes with some stigma attached to it?

If you answer yes to (1-2), you are in the low-risk group. Anything in the (3-5) means that you are at risk of developing gambling addiction and for (6-8) you are experiencing problem gambling and need to seek help.

Who Can Help You Tackle Your Problem Gambling Habit?

If you find yourself grappling with problem gambling, the best way to solve your problem is to seek help. Depending on your jurisdiction, there will be a range of responsible gambling organisations that will offer help and help you shake off what is a ruinous habit.   

Casino Jinn recommends seeking professional help if you have positively diagnosed yourself with problem gambling. All such services offer their services for free or can refer you to a professional counselling service which is available at a specific physical location.

Addressing problem gambling issues shouldn’t scare you either. Everyone is entitled to their privacy. Organisations such as GamStop and Gamblers Anonymous are focused on allowing problem gamblers to talk through their issues in a safe and nurturing environment.

Certain countries are already funding public clinics where people who experience addiction can go and get treatment for free or receive help at a reduced cost. Problem gambling is still a problem, but regulators are much better at addressing the issue.