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Online slot sites have taken the online gambling world by storm in the presence of other equally entertaining casino games. While playing slot machines at land-based casinos is still an option, online slots offer a much better gaming experience. They are easy to find, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to learn how to spin the reels of various slots. Also, these games are playable on various devices including desktops, smartphones and tablets.

This article is dedicated to all slot players who are looking for reliable online casinos that offer the best online slot games. We’ll only focus on what slot players need to know including the best slots sites, online slot bonuses, top slot games and banking methods at slot casino sites.

33 Slot Sites in our Database

    Wild Tokyo Casino
    100% Up to 100€
    100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 45x


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    Wild Tokyo Casino

    100% Up to 100€ 100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 45x


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    100% Up to 200€
    100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 35x


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    100% Up to 200€ 100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 35x


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    ComeOn Casino
    100% Up to 500€
    100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 40x


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    ComeOn Casino

    100% Up to 500€ 100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 40x


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    Slotnite Casino
    100% Up to 250€
    100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 35x


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    Slotnite Casino

    100% Up to 250€ 100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 35x


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    MagicRed Casino
    100% Up to 200€
    100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 35x


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    MagicRed Casino

    100% Up to 200€ 100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 35x


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    300% Up to 3000$
    200 Free Spins

    Wagering - 40x


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    300% Up to 3000$ 200 Free Spins

    Wagering - 40x


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    Roaring21 Casino
    200% Up to 2000$
    Free Spins

    Wagering - 40x


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    Roaring21 Casino

    200% Up to 2000$  

    Wagering - 40x


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    Spinfinity Casino
    250% Up to 2500$
    Free Spins

    Wagering - 40x


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    Spinfinity Casino

    250% Up to 2500$  

    Wagering - 40x


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    Bitcoin Games Casino
    15% Up to 2000$
    Free Spins

    Wagering - 0x


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    Bitcoin Games Casino

    15% Up to 2000$  

    Wagering - 0x


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Also, online slots come with impressive perks you’ll never find in brick-and-mortar casinos. Besides having well-designed interfaces and innovative features, online slots give players a chance to get exciting bonus offers. By choosing a good slot site, you stand a chance to claim free spins, welcome bonus offers and deposit bonuses. And players can play online slots for free and even win real money without spending a single coin. Cool, right?

If spinning the reels for money is your cup of tea, then you must find top online slot casino sites with the best slot games. Today, most online casinos have a wide range of online slots that players can play for real money. To be a successful slots player, you ought to understand how the best casino sites that offer slots work. It’s also crucial to have a clear understanding of the different types of online slot games and their features.

Best Slot Sites – What Do They Offer?

For slot game players to have the best gaming experience, they ought to join the best online slot sites. You may have your own criteria for identifying the best online slot website depending on what you like. The most important thing is to make sure that you get it right.

The best slot sites have been approved by the government and regulatory bodies to ensure that they offer fair games. Reliable slots sites also offer the best quality slot games will all sorts of themes and innovative features. Whether you want slots inspired by nature, Hollywood blockbusters, wildlife, luxury or sports, the best slot casino sites will have them ready for you.

When it comes to slot game variety, the best slots casinos will offer all possible varieties. They will serve you with classic slots, video slots, Megaways slots, jackpot slots and mobile slots, among others. Whichever slot casino site you visit, you should have access to the types of slots you want to play. You will also enjoy playing slots if you join slots with high-RTP slots. We’ll talk about slot game RTP later, so continue reading.


Top Slot Sites – Slot Sites Every Player Should Join Today

One of our key goals is to ensure that our visitors get a fair chance to choose from a wide range of top slot sites. Through extensive slot site reviews, we are able to choose the top slots sites out of the best ones we have identified. If you join any of the slot casino sites recommended here, you can rest assured that we’ve tried and tested them.

Based on our test results, we have no doubt that our list only includes top-rated online slot gaming websites. How about joining top-quality slot sites today for a big win? Well, it will only take a few minutes to sign up for an account and play top slot games for real money. Our list of top slot casinos includes plenty of casino sites to choose from. It’s up to you to choose the one that appeals to your gaming needs. Join now for an opportunity to win huge prizes, including progressive slot jackpots.

The Best Slot Sites for Winning

If you are looking for the best slot website, then you must think about winning real money. Devoted online slot game players have their eyes focused on slot sites that allow them to win real cash and withdraw. This means that the chosen slot site must have functional payment methods. The best slot sites for winning will let you deposit money and withdraw your winnings.

To win real money via online slot gaming, you’ll be required to create an online gaming account. Next, you have to meet the min deposit requirement by depositing the minimum amount set by the casino operator. There will be slot bonuses, but you’ll be playing with your own money most of the time. Your deposit acts as an investment, and your winnings become your return on investment.

Slot Sites with Free Slots – Are They Worth Your Time?

We all have to start somewhere irrespective of the types of slot games we look for at online slot casinos. Many new players want to first learn how slots and other online casino games work before playing them for real money. On the other hand, most seasoned players start playing slots as soon as they join a slot website. They already know how these games work and thus need no introduction.

So, how do new players get accustomed to online slots without digging deep into their pockets? The answer to this question is simple – just play online slots for free. The best slot website will let you try out the available slots without asking you to use your money.

Most slot sites will allow players to play slots for real money or in demo mode. If you are a new player and you have no idea how slots work, you should first play the free version of the selected slot game. This option gives you an opportunity to test the game’s features, including free spins and bonus rounds. All this is possible without having to risk your money.

The problem with free slots is that you will never win real money no matter how many times you keep spinning. Let’s say you are spinning a slot game in demo mode and win €3,000. The fact that you’ve won makes you feel lucky and excited. But you cannot withdraw the money because it’s not real. You can only think about what it would feel like if you could withdraw your winnings. To avoid such disappointments, be sure to join real money slot casino sites and deposit to win real money.

Slot Websites Bonuses – Boost Your Bankroll to Increase Your Playtime

One of the benefits of joining slot sites today is that you get a chance to claim incredible slot casino bonus offers. Players get to enjoy a wide array of slot websites bonuses as soon as they create their online casino account. And a signup or welcome slot bonus is not the last bonus you’ll get at slot casino websites. If you choose to keep playing slots at one casino, you’ll qualify for other bonuses for loyal players.

Get Start With a Slot Casino Welcome/Signup Bonus

A welcome or signup slot bonus plays an important role in welcoming new playersThis includes players who have never played slot games before and players who are new to a specific slot site. A signup slot casino bonus boosts your bankroll right from the start, so you can play casino games with bonus funds and place bonus bets.

Any seasoned slot players will tell you that the advantages of claiming a slot site welcome bonus are many. By increasing your bankroll with a slot welcome bonus, it means that you have more playtime than you would without a bonus. And if you are entirely new to slots, a welcome casino bonus will create an opportunity to learn how to play without risking your money.

Best Slot Sites with No Deposit Bonus

One of the questions many slot players ask is, do you need to deposit to get a bonus? Well, the truth is that you can get a slot bonus for free. In simple terms, you don’t have to make a deposit to claim some slot site bonuses. This means that the player incurs no risk even if they lose the bonus funds.

To get no deposit bonus funds, your first need to meet the minimum gambling age allowed by the slot casino operator. The next step is to sign up for a slot casino account and claim the available bonus funds for slot players.

Although no deposit bonus funds won’t cost you a single cent, keep in mind that your slot bonus will be subject to certain terms and conditions including wagering requirements. Another common requirement to qualify for a no deposit slot casino bonus is to have your account verified.

Play Slots and Win Real Money with No Deposit Bonus Funds

The big question is, do slot players get to keep the money they win using no deposit bonus funds? We are delighted to answer this question with a resounding YES. The beauty of slot casino no deposit bonus offers is that players can walk away with real winnings. Players are free to withdraw their winnings if they meet the applicable bonus terms and conditions.

Deposit Bonus at Slot Casinos

You won’t get a slot casino no deposit bonus on every gambling site you visit. In fact, most slot casinos will require players to spend a certain amount of money on qualifying for signup bonus funds and other promotions. Slot site operators normally set the minimum deposit amount of players to need to pay to receive a bonus offer.

The required minimum deposit will vary from one slot site to another, but we can assure you that it’s something most players can afford. Depending on the type of slot casino bonus you are claiming, the min deposit could be something like €5, €10 or €20.

Just like no deposit bonus offers, deposit bonus funds come with some terms and conditions. But the best thing about slot deposit casino bonus deals is that they are more profitable than no deposit bonus offers. The truth of the matter is that slot site operators take great risks by offering any bonus amount without asking for a deposit. And that’s why no deposit slot bonuses are always smaller than bonuses that require a deposit.

Given the lucrative nature of slot deposit bonuses, slot casino operators usually set the maximum bonus amount you can get. This ensures that slot casino sites offer bonuses they can afford if players decide to go for the highest bonus amount.

Notably, slot gambling sites will limit the bonus amount you can get when claiming a match bonus. This is because the bonus amount acquired through a match bonus depends on the amount deposited. We’ll cover match bonus offers at slot casino sites later in this article.

First Deposit Slot Casino Bonus at Slot Casino Sites

A first deposit slot casino bonus is the door to many bonuses at slot casino sites. It’s a part of the welcome bonus in is often the biggest of all deposit bonuses you can get as a slot player. There could be a second, third or fourth deposit bonus, but your 1st deposit bonus marks the beginning of other bonus offers that require players to deposit.

Slot Site Free Spins – Spin Your Favourite Reels for Free

Free spins, bonus spins or extra spins are the go-to casino games bonus for slot players at online casinos. One of the reasons why many players love slots is because these games come with built-in free spins. If you’ve played modern video slots, you can attest to the fact that their free spins are something every player yearns to trigger. You could land a big win courtesy of those extra spins.

However, activating the free spins bonus happens by chance. The general rule is that you must land a certain combination of scatter symbols on the reels to trigger the free spins bonus. Fortunately, slot casino sites have made it possible to get extra spins without landing scatters on the reels.

Both new and existing slot site operators offer free spins and players can even get their bonus spins in addition to bonus funds. As a slot player, you don’t want to miss out on such a bonus offer.

Get 10s to 100s of Free Spins at Slot Casino Sites

So, how far are slot casinos willing to go when it comes to the number of free spins? Well, it all depends on what the slot site operator believes is best for both the player and the casino. Players may receive 25 free spins, 30 free spins, 50 free bonus spins, 80 extra spins or 100 bonus spins. As you can see, slot casinos will use the terms free spins, bonus spins and extra spins interchangeably.

Players should be careful when choosing free spins based on numbers. If you get 200 free spins, chances are you’ll receive fewer bonus funds than someone who’s receiving 20 free spins. In contrast, you are likely to get more bonus funds if you receive fewer free spins. The key point here is that you should weigh the available options to choose the one that suits you.

Do You Need a Deposit to Get Free Spins?

In some cases, slot casino websites will reward players with no deposit free spin bonuses. Simply put, a no deposit free spins bonus allows players to play online slots without paying. This is quite a thrilling bonus offer because the extra spins are absolutely free.

However, you should keep in mind that most slot casinos will have a deposit requirement for those looking to claim free spins. If that’s the case, players must have a functional deposit method to fund their slot site account.

Free Spins are Often Available on Selected Slot Machines

When you receive a welcome bonus with free spins, you may not have the freedom to use your free spins on the slot machines you want. This is because slot casino sites usually award free spins on selected slots. Therefore, you must play the selected slots to qualify for a free spins bonus.

It’s understandable if you don’t like the idea of claiming free spins on slots that have been selected on your behalf. But there’s no need to worry because the best slot sites will make it up to you by choosing top-quality titles for you. For example, many slot casinos award free spins on popular slots such as Starburst and Book of Dead.

 Winning Real Money with Slot Extra Spins

The most attractive fact about the best casino games bonus is that players can win real money using their bonus. Whether you are claiming free spins alone or free spins with bonus funds, you can win real money and cash out your winnings. It all depends on how lucky or skilled you are. And, of course, you must meet the applicable free spins terms and conditions.

Slot Casino Match Bonus with Free Spins and Bonus Funds

How about a slot casino bonus that matches your deposit amount? Well, that’s one of the casino games bonus options you have at gambling sites that offer slot games. When claiming a match casino bonus, the player receives the bonus as a percentage of the amount deposited.

Most online casinos that offer online slots are more than ready to give you a casino bonus that’s equal to the amount deposited. This is what is called a 100% match bonus and is the most common type of bonus at slot casinos. But some slot casinos offer a 150%, 200%, 300% bonus or more! And the higher the deposit, the higher the bonus amount the player gets.

Let’s say you’ve joined a slot site that welcomes new players with a 100% welcome bonus up to €800 plus 50 bonus spins. Here, your first deposit will be doubled as long as it does not exceed the maximum limit of €800. For example, the first deposit of €600 will grant you a welcome bonus of €600. As a result, you will have a total of €1,200 in your slot casino account. Besides that, you have 50 free spins on all or selected slots depending on the slot site’s terms and conditions.

Wagering at Slot Sites – Slot Machines Count the Best towards the Wagering Requirements

If you’ve played casino games and claimed casino bonus offers for long, you are probably aware of wagering requirements. For those who don’t know, a wagering requirement specifies the number of times players are required to play through a casino bonus before they are allowed to withdraw their winnings. Usually, a casino bonus wagering requirement is expressed as a multiplier.

To put this into perspective, let’s say you’ve received welcome bonus funds worth €200 and the wagering requirement is 40x. The slot casino site simply wants you to wager your bonus funds 40 times for you to withdraw your winnings. Using our example, you must wager a total of €8,000 if you want to cash out the winnings generated from the casino’s welcome bonus offer.

Slot games usually count the best towards the wagering requirements. Other games like video poker, blackjack and baccarat are likely to count less toward the wagering requirements associated with a welcome bonus. This manes slot games some of the best games to play whenever you visit online casinos.

Slot Casino Bonus with Zero Wagering Requirements

Believe it or not, some slot casino sites have a welcome bonus offer with no wagering requirements. The only challenge is to find casino bonus offers with no wagering requirements because they are not easy to find. If you get lucky and find a bonus offer with zero wagering requirements, we advise you to claim it as fast as you can. But you must check the bonus terms and conditions to confirm that there are no wagering requirements.

How to Find Low Wagering Slot Sites

Slot players have to get used to the fact that most slot casino sites offer games with wagering requirements. But it’s possible for players to increase their chances of winning while receiving bonuses at online casinos. One of the recommended strategies is to find low wagering slot sites.

For your information, the slot site is responsible for setting the wagering requirements. It’s not the work of the slot game developer to determine the wagering requirement. The lower the wagering requirement, the better the chances of winning while claiming a bonus.

Now, let’s have a look at the figures to help you understand what an ideal wagering requirement should look like. In our opinion, a good wagering requirement for a slot game is somewhere between 1x and 30x. Any wagering requirement beyond 35x makes it difficult for you to win, unless the bonus offer comes with other lenient terms and conditions.

Thankfully, many online casinos that offer slots are changing their wagering requirements to make them more bearable. Therefore, you are unlikely to have trouble finding slot casinos with favourable wagering requirements irrespective of the games you want to play.

Our objective is to help you find casino sites that offer slots with low wagering requirements for the best experience. You should come back regularly to find out about the best sites with easy-to-meet wagering requirements.

Jackpot Slots – Win a Big Pot of Money

For most payers, winning a huge sum of money when playing casino games is the only reason to keep playing. With that said, many slot players always dream of landing a massive. And, based on what we know so far, many slot sites have turned ordinary players into millionaires.

So, winning a jackpot prize is always a possibility for all online slot players. I believe that every player is ever looking forward to that surprise win. A single spin could be the key to a life-changing win if you join slot sites with jackpot slots. You only need to stay vigilant and keep spinning.

Nowadays, players have access to plenty of slot websites with top-quality jackpot slots. Such slot games are worth your time because you play knowing that, at the end of every spin, you could win a large cash prize. Lady Luck may play a part, but you need to choose the right jackpot slot games and sites.

Common Types of Jackpot Slots to Every Player Should Try

Slot players can choose between fixed jackpot slots and progressive jackpot slots if they wish to win mouth-watering prizes. Choosing either of two jackpot games shouldn’t be that hard because they are easy to understand. You are ready to play any of these slot games as long as you know the type of jackpot you are targeting. Let’s see what both categories of jackpot slot games have to offer.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Let’s begin with progressive jackpot slots – the most rewarding slot games you’ll find at online slot sites. If you’ve been playing slots for a long time, chances are you’ve heard of famous titles like Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods. These are good examples of progressive jackpot slots that have stood the test of time.

The most fascinating aspect of progressive jackpot slots is that their jackpots can be worth millions of euros. This is possible because progressive jackpots grow each time a player spins the reels. In other words, every bet you make contributes towards the jackpot prize. And the jackpot slot may only be available in one participating casino or across an entire network of linked slots.

With that in mind, thousands of players play progressive slots every day. This translates to large numbers of bets contributing to the top prize. So, by the time someone wins the jackpot, they could walk away with a multi-million cash prize.

When someone gets lucky and hits the progressive slot jackpot, the jackpot resets to a certain minimum amount. This amount is commonly known as the seed value. As players keep playing, this amount continues to increase until someone wins the jackpot.

However, it normally takes a long time before another player wins the jackpot. And the more the jackpot remains unwon, the bigger it grows over time. Our advice is, go for progressives if you visualise yourself winning a life-transforming prize while playing online slot machines.

Fixed Jackpot Slots

Another way to land a big win at slot casino websites is to play slot games with fixed jackpots. Just like their title, these jackpot slots come with a fixed prize. For example, the selected slot may have a fixed jackpot prize worth 10,000 or 20,000 coins.

In general, you have to land a specific combination of symbols on certain reels to win the jackpot or activate the jackpot round. Another way to explain this is to say that fixed jackpots are not dependent on the bets you place. The size of the jackpot remains the same in this case, regardless of the amount you wager.

A good slot website will offer you slots with both fixed and progressive jackpots in one game. If you come across a new slot, make sure you read the info page to find out more about it. There, you’ll learn more about the game’s features including any available jackpots.

Reasons to Join Jackpot Slot Sites

The jackpot itself is the key attraction as far as jackpot slot games are concerned. A slot site with numerous jackpots will attract a lot of players who are eager to win larger cash prizes than those offered by regular slot games.

When it comes to progressive jackpot slots, the prize pool can grow pretty fast. For that reason, players have the opportunity to win hundreds of thousands to millions of euros even after a lucky player scoops the jackpot. Moreover, some jackpot slot games come with multiple jackpots from “Mini” to “Grand” jackpots. In this case, winning a substantial sum of money is just a single spin away.

The best online slot sites with jackpot slots are also available 24/7. Whether you want to play jackpot games during the day, at night or on weekends, the decision is yours to make. You can play for the big win any time you want and have equal chances of winning just like the other players.

Mobile Slot Sites – Play the Best Online Slot Machines Using Your Mobile Browsers

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the online gaming industry in many different ways. This includes notable developments in the online casino industry as many players opt to play on the go. Right now, players have access to countless mobile slot sites that offer all kinds of slot games and other games.

Thanks to groundbreaking technologies like HTML5, you don’t need to use a desktop device to load an online slot website. You can use any browser on your iPhone, iPad or Android device to load slot sites. In fact, slot players can use mobile browsers to sign up, log in, deposit, play and withdraw money from slot casino sites. Unless you allow your mobile gadget to load the desktop site, it will always load the online casino’s mobile-friendly website.

Slot Sites with Mobile Apps

So far, mobile casino apps have proven to be an effective means of meeting slot players’ gaming needs. If you join the best slot website, you’ll be able to download and install a mobile app on your iOS or Android device.

Just like the mobile-friendly slot website, slot apps allow you to play slots anywhere you want. They are always convenient because, like most people, you have your mobile phone with you most of the time. Also, mobile apps offer the same features as the desktop slot site to make sure that players can access everything they need regardless of where they are.

casinojinn slot sites

Top 10 Slot Games at Slot Sites – Get Started with the Best Slots

The kind of experience you’ll have at online casino slot sites will largely depend on the types of slot games you choose. If you want to have lots of fun and increase your chances of winning real money, you must choose the best online slots. The best slot sites will give you access to slot games from reputable software providers. They will also provide you with high-quality slots with stunning graphics, rewarding bonus features and smooth gameplay. And their slots will be playable on both desktop and mobile devices.

It might take some time to identify the best slots, but you don’t need to worry because CassinoJinn is here to help. We’ve already researched the top slot games on your behalf, so you only need to make a choice. Of course, many slots deserve to be on our list, but we’ve only chosen the finest. Let’s have a look at each one of them to see what players can expect.

#1 Starburst Slot by NetEnt

The Starburst slot from NetEnt is one of the most popular games at slot casino sites today. Even though this slot has been around since 2012, millions of players still play it at slot sites for real money. It’s one of the easiest slots to play and a great game to spend your bonus funds on.

Speaking of slot casino bonuses, you’ll notice that the best slot sites choose to offer their welcome bonus free spins on NetEnt’s Starburst slot. And with so many Starburst slot sites at your disposal, there is no reason not to claim a casino bonus on the game.

Starburst Slot Features

In terms of features, the Starburst slot features a simple design with only 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines. Most slot games pay from left to right, but the Starburst slot lets players win from left to right, and from right to left. Also, the Starbust slot comes with expanding wilds and respins. And that’s one of the reasons why many players continue to play this slot.

As we noted earlier, it pays to choose slots with high RTPs. With that said, Starburst is a great choice with an enticing RTP of 96.09%. It’s also a low volatility slot, so you can play the game for long without losing a lot of your money. Players will also enjoy playing this slot on desktops, Android phones and tablets, iPads and iPhones.

#2 Cash Stax Slot by Barcrest

The second slot you should have no problem spending your welcome bonus funds on is the Cash Stax slot from Barcrest. This is one of the simplest games to play at slot casino sites. It features 5 reels, 3 rows and up to 30 paylines. The game also has a classic design with simple symbols including 7s, BARs and a Golden Ring symbol.

Cash Stax’s Variable Paylines and RTP

One attention-grabbing fact about the Cash Stax slot is that it features a variable number of paylines and RTPs. That is, the number of paylines and the RTP depends on the size of your bet. If your bet is less than 2 credits, the game offers 10 paylines and an RTP of 94.12%. For bets equal to or greater than 2 credits, you get to enjoy an RTP of 96.02% and play on 20 paylines.

The most rewarding feature of the Cash Stax slot is the Big Bet feature. This feature consists of 5 linked spins of the reels. Here, the player gets a higher RTP of 98.14% and plays on 30 paylines for betting 10 or 20 credits for 5 bets in a row.

If you join Cash Stax slot sites, be sure to try the Big Bet feature to increase your winning chances. Besides that, we hope that you’ll be able to land 5 Golden Ring symbols to trigger the free spins feature for a chance to win big.

#3 Dragonfish Slots

Players who have visited Dragonfish slot sites will tell you how well-designed Dragonfish slots are. Every Dragonfish slot you’ll come across will have impressive graphics and amazing sound effects. Above all, Dragonfish slots have some of the best features you can find today, including well-paying free spins features.

Founded in 2007, Dragonfish is an independent division of 888 Holdings. The company is currently responsible for hundreds of titles that have attracted the attention of slot players across the world. Whether you are looking for high-RTP slots or slot games with a modern feel, Dragonfish slots come in various forms to satisfy your taste. This includes slots like the French Revolution slot, Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Mystic Mask, City Life and Safari Riches. Basically, there’s something for every player looking to play a Dragonfish slot.

Moreover, at Dragonfish slot casino sites, players are served with some of the best welcome bonus offers. Besides the free spins features that come with Dragonfish slots, new players receive bonus spins and exclusive bonus offers. You can’t afford to ignore such deals if you want to win.

#4 Cleopatra Slot by IGT

If you love slot games with an Egyptian theme, the Cleopatra slot from IGT should be on top of your list. Like most slot games, the 20-payline Cleopatra slot consists of 5 reels and 3 rows. The game features the usual playing card symbols and themed symbols such as the Eye of Ra, sceptres, scarab beetles, cartouches and lotus flowers. As you can see, the slot will take you back to ancient Egypt.

Cleopatra Game Features

During gameplay, the Cleopatra symbol will act as the Wild, and the Sphinx icon will be your Scatter symbol. Three or more Scatters on the reels will open doors to the world of free spins where all prizes will be tripled. And in case you manage to land three more Scatters on the reels, you’ll retrigger the free spins feature. What makes this feature more interesting is that you can get as many as 180 free spins!

Moreover, the slot awards 2x, 5x, 20x and 100x your total bet if you land 2, 3, 4 or 5 Scatters respectively. The Cleopatra slot also comes with a jackpot prize worth 10,000 coins. You win this jackpot by landing 5 Cleopatra symbols on a payline. Without a doubt, the jackpot and the free spins are a good reason to join Cleopatra slot sites now.

#5 Cassava Slots

Cassava is one of the leading management companies in the online gaming industry. The firm is responsible for some of the best slot sites and software. In fact, both cassava and Dragonfish are different divisions of the same company. As of now, the Cassava Enterprises brand is powering a wide range of Cassava slot sites with top-quality games and software. Cassava is also known for servicing some of the most popular bingo casino sites you are likely to see today.

The best Cassava slots sites have been approved by the UK Gambling Commission. Therefore, players know that they can play quality slot games and experience fairness while playing Cassava slots. At Cassava slot casino sites, players are also free to play using their desktop or mobile devices. And that’s what we call convenience.

To make sure that players reap the benefits of playing slots, the best Cassava-powered slot gaming sites have thrilling welcome bonus offers. If you join, be ready to claim some mouth-watering free spins deals and other casino bonus offers.

#6 Gamesys Slots

Slot casino games from Gamesys are always recognised because of the notable impact they have on the online gambling industry. All of the company’s slots are fair and comply with relevant gambling laws. Gamesys also provides a wide range of casino solutions, including developing software for online casino operators.

Gamesys slot sites may not feature as many games as casino sites powered by poplar developers like NetEnt and Microgaming. However, Gamesys slot casino sites provide quality and thoroughly-tested slots with some of the best RTPs in the industry. At CasinoJinn, we always make sure that the Gamesys slot casinos we recommend to our visitors are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and other relevant authorities.

Double Bubble Slot by Gamesys

When you join a casino site powered by Gamesys, one of the slots you should find and play is the Double Bubble slot. This fun-packed slot machine features 5 reels and 20 paylines. The game offers an average RTP of 96.02%, which makes it a reasonable choice if you wish to play slots with high return to player percentages.

The Double Bubble symbol will be your Wild symbol when playing the game. This means that it will replace other symbols to create winning combinations. But that’s not everything the slot has to offer. There’s an exciting bonus feature known as Pop the Bubble Bonus Game. You are required to land at least 3 Bonus symbols on the reels to activate the bonus round. During the mini-game, you’ll get a chance to pop some bubbles and win random multipliers.

To find out more about the game, feel free to join one of our recommended Double Bubble slot sites. The first thing you will enjoy when you join these sites is a nice welcome bonus on your 1st deposit. But you can still get a bonus at Double Bubble slot casinos without depositing!

#7 Mega Moolah Slot by Microgaming

For slot players looking to win a progressive jackpot, Mega Moolah slot sites are among the best online casinos to join. Each player who spins the reels of Mega Moolah contributes a small amount of their bet to the slot’s progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot prize can reach massive sizes up to millions of euros if nobody wins for a long time.

Mega Moolah has a simplistic design with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 ways to win. Symbols on the reels of this game include playing card symbols and African wildlife symbols such as elephants, zebras, antelopes and buffalos. The scatter symbol of the game is represented by the monkey symbol.

You shouldn’t be scared to hear that the slot’s official RTP stands at 88%. We are saying this because this slot allows you to win four progressive jackpots – Mini, Minor, Major and Mega. The mega jackpot is the millionaire maker and the reason why many players want to play the game. The four progressive jackpots are randomly activated and are awarded through a spinning wheel.

Even if you don’t hit one of the four jackpots, you could land a big prize without spending by activating the free spins feature. With three or more Scatters, you will receive 15 free spins and win 3 times your bet during free spins. Moreover, the free spins can be retriggered. And if you visit our recommended casinos, you could get bonus funds to play the game.

#8 Book of Dead by Play’n GO

By joining Book of Dead slot sites, you get the opportunity to play the famous Book of Dead slot and other incredible slots from Play’n GO. Before we proceed, you should know that this Egyptian-themed game comes with a captivating RTP 96.21%. This makes it a high-RTP slot, so players can expect to get back a significant percentage of the amount spend playing the game.

In terms of design, the Book of Dead slot features a 5×3 structure and 10 ways to win. Symbols that appear on the reels of this game include the usual card symbols, the Rich Wilde himself, the Anubis and Osiris. The Book symbol plays the role of the Wild and the Scatter symbol. That means that it will substitute for other symbols to create wins and activate free spins.

The free spins feature is the Book of Dead’s only bonus feature. You get to enjoy 10 free spins by landing 3 or more Scatter symbols on the reels. If you manage to trigger the free spins, a randomly selected symbol will become the expanding symbol.

During free spins, the chosen symbol will expand to cover the entire reel and thus increase your chances of landing a huge win. And if you land 3 more Scatters during free spins, you will get 10 more free spins. This could go on forever!

#9 Mega Fortune Slot by NetEnt

It’s no surprise that many players love slots from NetEnt as the developer is known for delivering top-quality games. This company never disappoints as far as progressive jackpot slots are concerns. So far, it has powered many Mega Fortune slot sites, allowing players to win massive prizes with just a single spin.

NetEnt’s Mega Fortune is a progressive slot that is made up of 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. The game also has an attractive RTP of 96.6%. Since Mega Fortune is a luxury-themed slot, symbols on the reels welcome you to the world of the rich. As you play the game, you’ll come across limousines, yachts, champagne and expensive watches. This could be your future life if luck strikes and you win one of the three progressive jackpots.

Of course, the game’s progressive jackpots are the primary source of attraction. Above the reels of the slot, you’ll see the counters for the Rapid Jackpot, Minor Jackpot and Mega Jackpot. You get to the jackpot bonus round by landing 3 Bonus Wheel symbols from the leftmost reel.

Besides the jackpots, you will trigger free spins if you land 3 or more champagne (Scatter) symbols on the reels. During free spins, your winnings will be subject to a multiplier up to 5x. And additional Scatters obtained during free spins will award more free spins.

#10 Hall of Gods Slot

Slot players can now access lots of Hall of Gods slot sites to play for progressive jackpots powered by NetEnt. With an RTP of 95.7%, Hall of Gods is quite a remarkable choice for fans of progressive slots. The action takes place on 5 reels and players can land winning symbol combos on 20 paylines.

On the reels of Hall of Gods, you’ll find a broad range of Norse mythology-themed symbols. The Wild Dragon symbol will replace other symbols to complete winning combinations. And Thor’s Hammer is the game’s bonus symbol responsible for activating the bonus round. You will get 10, 15 or 20 free spins if you land 3, 4 or 5 Ravens (Scatters) on the reels.

The three jackpots appearing on top of the reels make the game a pretty good choice for fortune seekers. These include the Mini Jackpot, the Midi Jackpot and the Mega Jackpot. Your life could change completely if you join slot casinos that offer the Hall of Gods slot and win its massive jackpot prize.

Bingo Slot Sites

If you happen to like slots and bingo, you have an option to join bingo slot sites. Firms like Cassava and Gamesys are famous for powering bingo and slot gaming sites. So, if you love slots from these companies, you might as well like their bingo games. Another great option is to play Slingo games at online casinos. As the name suggests, Slingo is a game designed with slot and bingo features. This allows you to enjoy both types of games in one game.

When you play casino games at bingo slot sites, you don’t have to waste time visiting bingo halls or land-based gambling locations. In fact, you may take a while before choosing your preferred bingo slot site because they are many. Luckily, we do the hard work for you and look for the best bingo casino sites for you. Remember to come here regularly to see what’s new at bingo slot websites.

How to Find Good Slot Sites

One of the things you must think about when looking for slot casino sites is how to find the good ones. With so many online casino slot sites emerging every day, you don’t want to land in the wrong hands. You want a gaming environment that makes you feel comfortable and valued. The slots sites you choose to join must offer top-quality casino games and allow you to win fairly.

To make the search process much easier for you, we’ve already listed good slot sites on this site. Therefore, finding a reputable slot site should be an easy task for you. The following are the most important factors we keep in mind to make sure that we choose good slot casinos.

Trustworthiness – Is the Slot Site Licensed and Regulated?

The online gambling industry is highly regulated, but you might still come across rogue operators. With that said, players must look for licensed and regulated online slot casinos. If a slot site is regulated, you know where to run to if you see something fishy or experience some problems. Also, you can play slots without worrying about being tricked.

Good slot sites have their license information displayed in the footer area of the website. They also let you know the regulatory body responsible for supervising their operations. If the slot site is supervised by trustworthy regulators like the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, then you are safe.

Collaboration with Top Slot Game Providers

To have quality time playing online slots, you should play slots from the best software providers. Noteworthy providers operate under strict rules to ensure that neither the players nor the slot site operator can alter slot game outcomes.

Trusted casino game developers design online slots using random number generators (RNGs). Online slots and other slots use RNGs to produce arbitrary results every time you play. Therefore, none of the outcomes will be rigged unless you play slots from unknown developers.

If you are new to slot sites, you should have an idea of the most popular developers to look for. Companies like Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Big Time Gaming, Playn’GO, WMS, Bally and Playtech are worth mentioning because they are among the top software providers for online slots sites.

Slot Sites with a Wide Range of Slots

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing good slot sites is game variety. Whether you are a fan of old-fashioned or advanced slots, the best casino sites will let you choose your favourite. These sites will also entertain you with slot machines that come with innovative features and captivating bonus rounds. Let’s have a lot at some popular categories of online slots at slot casino sites.

Classic Slots – Go Back in Time with Simplistic Slot Games

Unlike other online slots, classic slot games feature a more simplistic design. These games are inspired by traditional slot machines with fruits, bells and 7s on the reels. Most of them have 3 reels and 1 to 3 paylines, unlike the more advanced video slots. Also, classic slots are easy to play because you only need to place your bet and hit the spin button.

The major drawback associated with classic slots is that their simplistic nature means that they have fewer features. Usually, these games lack attractive features like free spins and second-screen bonuses. Luckily, many slot sites are offering modernised classic slots with better graphics and some few extra features to make them more interesting to play.

Video Slots – Online Slots with a Modern Touch

Although classic slots still have a big position in gaming libraries, the vast majority of slot sites also offer video slots. You may wonder why. The best thing about online video slots is that they include a wide variety of features such as buy free spin features, double up features and bonus games. Unlike classic slots, video slots feature all types of themes and come with spectacular graphics.

Bonus games are generally the key attraction for video slot players. Depending on the video slot you are playing, the bonus round may include free spins, Pick a Box bonus, Wild Multipliers, Wheel of Fortune and Expanding Wilds. If you happen to activate any of these features, you could win an unprecedented prize.

Another reason to join slot sites with video slot games is that software providers are always innovating. So, players can expect new video slots with new features and more ways to win. And that’s why it’s vital to check the video slots section for the most recent additions.

3D Slot Games

3D slots are increasingly becoming popular at slot casinos because of the new experience they offer to gamers. These are just video slots characterised by interactive designs and symbols. Many players love 3D slots because these games also feature special features like free spins and other bonus rounds. And no matter the type of 3D slot you want to play, it isn’t hard to find one nowadays.

Various online casino software providers have already ventured into the 3D video slots industry. This includes the most trusted providers such as Betsoft, NetEnt, Microgaming and Thunderkick. It’s expected that slot developers will keep designing 3D slots to appeal to fans who are interested in slots with impressive graphics and cutting-edge animations.

Megaways Slots – Win in More Than 100,000 Different Ways!

The other types of slots you should keep an eye on at slot casinos are Megaways slots. These slots are quickly gaining popularity and have already found their way to many slot gaming sites. The most interesting feature of Megaways slots is that they come with more than 100,000 paylines. With such a high number of win lines, your chances of landing a win on every spin are relatively high.

Big Time Gaming has captured the attention of slot casinos and players by offering some of the best Megaways slots we know today. Besides having numerous ways to win, Megaways slots from Big Time Gaming are packed with lots of action and potentially big wins. The top Megaways slot games developed by Big Time Gaming include Bonanza, Extra Chilli and White Rabbit.

Check the Slots with High Return to Player Rate

Return to player or RTP is one of the most important aspects of slots and other games. Expressed as a percentage, the RTP rate of a slot machine influences your chances of winning. This percentage denotes the amount a specific casino game is expected to return back to players over time. The higher the RTP, the more you are likely to get back from that game.

In simple terms, high-RTP slot games give you a better chance of winning than low-RTP slots. Therefore, to make the most of slot games, you should join slot casino websites with high-RTP slots.

Finding Top Slot Games with High RTP

The best way to determine the RTP of a particular slot is to check the info page of the game. You can also get the information you need by reading slot reviews. If you are comfortable with the RTP the selected slot is offering, then you are ready to start spinning.

The good news is that slots with high RTPs are not hard to find at slot casino sites. For example, slots like Bloodsuckers and Book of Dead are available on many slot gaming sites. With RTPs of 98% and 96.20% respectively, these games are among the online slots you can play as we speak. Thunderstruck II is also a great choice with an impressive RTP of 96.65%.

If you look at our examples of high-RTP slots, you’ll notice that all of them have RTPs above 96%. This is our recommendation for players searching for slot games with the best payouts. You should spend your casino bonus funds on such games to increase your playtime as well as your winning chances. Hopefully, your deposit and bonus balance will last longer if you play high-RTP slots.

Slot RTP vs Volatility

Just to set the record straight, all slots with high RTPs do not guarantee frequent wins. For that reason, players should not rely on the RTP of slots alone when choosing slot gambling sites. There’s another vital factor to consider, which is known as slot volatility or variance.

Highly volatile slots usually take a long time before the player hits a win. Therefore, you can easily run out of money without winning. But the best part is that high-volatility slots can hit a big win at once. On the other hand, low-volatility slots allow you to play more by hitting wins regularly. However, the wins are often small, and your chances of landing a big win are low.

Although it’s advisable to choose slots with the highest RTPs, it’s up to you to decide if you want to play low or high-volatility slot games. But we can give you a tip or two to help you make the most suitable decision. If your budget is small, then you should play slots with fewer risks to extend your gameplay. We are talking about low-volatility slots here. And in case you have a large budget, and you are not afraid of taking risks, we advise you to go for medium to high-volatility slots.

Read Slot Casino Site Reviews

One of the easiest ways to determine if a slot site is a great option is to read slot site reviews. By reading online casino site reviews, you can learn a lot about the casino, including the available slot games, banking methods and user experience. If you think the slot site has what it takes, then don’t hesitate to sign up.

Payments at Slot Sites – How to Deposit and Withdraw Your Winnings

If you are a committed fan of slot games and you play these games regularly, you need to make a deposit. When you deposit, you stand a chance to claim more bonus funds and other casino bonus offers. The more you keep depositing, you gain the status of a loyal customer and thus qualify for bonus offers meant for existing players. To make all this possible, you ought to use the deposit methods available at the slot casino site.

The other thing every slot player should think about is how to withdraw winnings. Slot players who get lucky and win a substantial sum of money should be able to cash out the money. And, whether you are depositing or withdrawing funds, the charges should be affordable. Generally, the best slot website will let you pay or cash out free of charge. So, the only charges you’ll incur are the ones charged by the payment service provider. Let’s talk about some of the best payment methods to use at slot casino websites.

Boku Slot Sites

Since its introduction in 2009, Boku has proven to be an effective mobile payment method. This banking option allows buyers to purchase goods and services from companies that offer digital products. Many online casinos have chosen Boku as a payment method because it’s convenient, easy to use, affordable, safe and secure. The key drawback associated with Boku is that you cannot withdraw your funds using this method.

Boku allows you to deposit at slot casino websites using your phone bill. When using this payment method, the amount you pay may be deducted from your prepaid balance or added to your monthly phone bill. To make a deposit at slot casino sites, you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number. Then, you’ll receive an SMS text messages to confirm that you have authorised the transaction.

Pay Slot Sites by Phone Bill

Many slot casino sites will allow players to use Pay by Phone as a deposit method. Players love using this payment method because of the simplicity and convenience it provides. If you choose to pay slot casino websites using pay by phone bill, you can do so without entering your bank details. Your transactions will also be recorded and categorised, making it much easier to manage your bankroll.

To use Pay by Phone at slot casinos, visit the payment page of the selected site and find the pay by phone or pay by mobile option. Here, you need to select your preferred Pay by Phone method from the available options. Depending on the site, your pay by phone bill options may include Boku and Payforit.

The next step is to enter the amount you want to deposit and provide your phone number. You’ll receive a confirmation message with a code. Enter the code at the slot casino website to authorise the transaction. That’s it! You can now use your deposit to play slot games and claim the available deposit slot casino bonus.

Deposit and Withdraw from Slot Casinos Using E-Wallets

Electronic wallets (e-wallets) are among the most-used payment methods in the online business world. These payment options allow users to pay for goods and services using any device that can access the web. You can use your smartphone, tablet or desktop device to sign up for an e-wallet account, log in, deposit and withdraw funds. When you deposit at slot casinos using an e-wallet, the funds are immediately deposited to your online casino account. And the charges are generally affordable.

Another incredible thing about e-wallets is that they are available in virtually every slot casino site you visit. Also, there are numerous trusted e-wallets to choose from at casinos that offer slots. The most popular e-wallets to use at slot casinos include Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, EcoPayz, Entropay and Trustly. Again, you should check the cashier section of the slot casino site to find out if your preferred e-wallet payment method is available.

Using Payment Cards and Slot Casino Sites

Payment cards are some of the oldest banking methods you can use at online casinos. They are known to be safe because the service providers use cutting-edge security technology to protect user data and transactions. Most of the slot gaming sites you can access today will offer one or several card payment options. Their options may include credit, debit or prepaid cards.

Just like e-wallets, you will find different brands of payment cards at online casinos that offer slots and other games. The most common options that have been around for many years are MasterCard and Visa. Safe and secure transactions are guaranteed if you use any of these cards at slot online gaming platforms. For those interested in prepaid card payments, Paysafecard is one of the best options for slot players.

Deposit at Slot Casinos Using Bank Wire Transfers

Although bank wire transfers are slower than the payment methods mentioned above, many slot casino sites still accept this method of payment. The payment process usually takes longer, and users have to authorise their banks to make payments to slot casinos. Generally, a bank wire transfer may not be a great choice, but it may come in handy if other payment methods are not working.

Final Words

Overall, slot casino sites have created many opportunities for fans of slot games to try their luck. If you join the best slot sites, you’ll play slots from top-rated developers. Also, you’ll have access to all kinds of slot casino bonuses such as welcome bonuses, first deposit bonus, free spins and bonus funds. It’s a matter of finding and joining the top casino slot sites for the best spinning experience.

CasinoJinn has already isolated the most popular casino sites that offer real money slots. Whether you want to play classic slots, video slots or progressive jackpot slots, we have your back. Be sure to join the slot casino sites recommended here to play quality slot games and claim the best bonus offers the industry has to offer. Don’t forget to check the bonus terms and conditions for the wagering requirement, withdrawal restrictions, min deposit requirements and other terms. And, whatever you do, remember to play responsibly.


What is the Best Online Slots Site?

The best slot casino websites have a license from reputable organisations like the UK Gambling Commission. Great slot sites also offer quality slots from trusted developers like the ones listed here.

Are Online Slots Rigged?

The outcomes of a well-tested slot are not rigged. Top slot software providers use random number generators to make sure that every spin produces arbitrary results.

What is the Trick to Winning on Slot Machines?

There’s no single trick, but you can boost your winning chances by playing high-RTP slots.

What Slot Machines Have The Highest RTP?

Slot machines with the best RTPs include Bloodsuckers, Book of Dead, Thunderstruck II and Double Bubble, among others.