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High-rollers and regular casino players who want to make the most of their casino experience should always play at the best VIP casino sites. Those casinos have top-quality casino bonuses and games, and they are ideal for thrill-seeking high-rollers who are looking for exclusive promotions and privileged casino treatment.

11 VIP Casino Sites in our Database

    Wild Tokyo Casino
    100% Up to 100€
    100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 45x


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    Wild Tokyo Casino

    100% Up to 100€ 100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 45x


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    MagicRed Casino
    100% Up to 200€
    100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 35x


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    MagicRed Casino

    100% Up to 200€ 100 Free Spins

    Wagering - 35x


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    300% Up to 3000$
    200 Free Spins

    Wagering - 40x


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    300% Up to 3000$ 200 Free Spins

    Wagering - 40x


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The best VIP casino providers have hundreds of games and spades of bonuses designed particularly for their VIP clientele. You might think that regular casino bonuses are enticing, but you haven’t seen the super-lucrative VIP promotions. These give you more bonus funds than you could ever imagine and come with the lowest wagering requirements out there.

Besides, playing online blackjack or roulette on a regular casino table is all nice and well, but it doesn’t come close to the experience you would get if you play at a VIP table. There, the casino operator pampers you like a real royalty when you play VIP games, and it gives you exclusive perks that regular casino players don’t get.

At CasinoJinn, we have a comprehensive collection of VIP casino provider reviews. We instantly link to some of the best VIP casino operators should you choose to play at one and immediately put you on the fast track to that ritzy VIP casino experience.

All you have to do is go through the VIP casino reviews that our casino genie has served for you, and choose the casino site that works for you. Afterwards, just get the VIP show rolling!

Find the Best VIP Casino Bonuses at CasinoJinn

VIP bonus offers are different from regular casino promotions. In essence, regular deposit bonus offers and free spins promos reward all customers that join a casino. As such, they are quite lucrative but do have their limits.

That’s not the case with the best VIP casino bonuses that online gambling sites offer to a select group of players. Online casino sites tailor their VIP promos to reward only one type of customer – the VIP player. These offers are far superior to regular bonus offers and come with tons of perks that regular casino players don’t have access to. In other words, when it comes to VIP casino bonuses, the sky’s the limit.

At CasinoJinn, we have listed and reviewed the best VIP casino promos. We have tasked our genie to fetch us the most enticing VIP casino bonus offers that he can find, and he immediately responded to our bidding. Here are some of the VIP casino promotions that you can expect to see if you are a VIP customer.

Exclusive Bonus Offers

If you are a regular player, you probably don’t even know that VIP bonuses exist. There is a whole different world of exclusive VIP bonus offers out there, and you have to meet some casino standards to obtain them.

The only way to get to these bonuses is to be dedicated to the online casino cause. This means to gamble, deposit, and withdraw large sums of money frequently.

Top casino spenders of this type can expect to get their fair share of VIP casino promotions. These casino rewards include gambling offers such as:

  • VIP-only bonuses;
  • Free spins;
  • Cashback;
  • etc.

All of these VIP bonuses are worth the effort to get them even if that means depositing a huge amount of money, as well as playing on a regular basis.

VIP Reload Bonuses

And some of these bonuses are truly special. For instance, when regular players activate a reload bonus, they usually get a 30% or 40% match deposit bonus.

However, that’s not the case with VIP reload bonuses. For instance, here’s a VIP reload bonus that we found online, which will give you a perspective on these things:

  • 100% Match VIP Reload Bonus Up to €1,000 (Min Deposit €100, VIP Program Members Only, Full T&Cs Apply).

As you can see, VIP players get to have their deposits doubled up to €1,000 with this generous VIP casino bonus. Casinos usually match the entire deposit a player makes only during welcome package or first deposit offers. However, when it comes to VIP players, this is also possible on reloads.

VIP Free Spins

VIP players also get better free spins promos. When regular players get free spins on slot games such as Gonzo’s Quest, Book of Dead, Age of Gods, or Rainbow Riches, they get fewer free spins than VIP casino goers.

For instance, a casino site might offer 10 weekly free spins on Rainbow Riches for Level 1 players in their loyalty scheme. Level 2 players might get 20 free spins on the same slot, while Level 3 players might get 30 spins courtesy of the casino every week.

When casino players get to the last level of that loyalty program, they become VIP customers. These customers who are top of the loyalty ladder can expect to get lots of free spins, a lot more than regular players. VIP clients can easily qualify for 100 weekly free spins at the best online casino providers, and that shows you how large the chasm between regular free spins promos and VIP free spins bonuses is.

Gifts and Rewards for VIP Customers

It’s not only the reload bonuses and free spins that VIP customers get when they play at the best VIP casino operators. Top-rated gambling sites also find other ways to reward their most prolific players.

Casinos give their VIP clients various gifts and rewards on a weekly or monthly basis too. These rewards are not available to regular casino goers, and you have to be a VIP customer to get them.

These vary from one to another but range from souvenir-like items to rewards that you can use while playing at the casino.

VIP Managers at Online Casinos – The Wingmen You Need at Every Casino

One of the most eye-catching perks that casinos offer to players is the chance to have their own personal VIP manager. VIP managers at online casinos help the most valuable casino clients get the VIP treatment they deserve.

They are responsible for making sure that VIP customers get the tailored promotions intended for them. Also, those managers provide all things customer service-related, and are available to players 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Therefore, while a regular player has to meet predetermined conditions to activate a casino bonus, the casino gives VIPs custom-tailored promotions via their VIP managers.

Similarly, a regular player has to wait for customer support to become available before he can tell them his problem. He then has to wait for the help-desk staff to locate the issue and fix it in their own time.

A VIP client doesn’t have to do any of that. The manager assigned to him provides the highest level of customer service and gives him the assistance he needs within seconds.

VIP managers do all of these things while at the same time paying great attention to detail and making players feel like the high-value customers they are.

Loyalty Programmes at VIP Casinos

If you are wondering how you can stop being a regular casino player and turn into a VIP one, we have two words for you – loyalty programmes. Loyalty programmes at VIP casinos help the casino determine which players gamble the most. Those players that are at the top of the loyalty rankings enter into the VIP casino program.

Today, all top-ranked casinos have high-quality loyalty programmes. VIP customers enter these loyalty schemes just as all other new players do when they join a casino.

However, unlike other new players, VIP customers quickly go up that loyalty ladder by making large deposits, betting fortunes on slots, and playing high-stakes live dealer games.

As they do these things, they collect loyalty points and soon enough become VIP customers who get to enjoy perks that other casino players cannot get.

Some of the loyalty programmes’ perks that VIPs get include weekly free spins, improved reload bonus offers, extra bonus funds, high cashback percentages, as well as other unique casino offers.

Playing with High Stakes – The Real Casino Deal

VIP casino players mostly love high-stakes games. They enjoy playing when the heat is on and live for the thrill that super-large winnings bring.

VIP casino providers understand this and do their best to meet VIP customers’ demands. Whether it is high RTP slot games or enticing live casino titles, the best casino providers always aim to please their VIP clientele.

At CasinoJinn, we too know that VIP customers are only satisfied when they play the best high stakes games. We are aware that playing with higher stakes and bigger bets is often the difference between a profitable day at the office and a mediocre one. That’s why we have carefully analysed all the best VIP casino providers and have separated the high-quality ones from the second-rate also-rans.

We have created a special VIP casino list that features casino providers that facilitate high stakes gambling. These sites boast some super-rewarding blackjack, roulette, and poker games, in which you can win a fortune courtesy of the high stakes you placed.

Moreover, they feature high RTP slot games such as Uga Buga, Mega Joker, Blood Suckers, and Book of Dead. These slots can yield huge amounts of winnings to regular casino players, and you can only imagine how profitable they can be for VIP customers.

Higher Deposit Limits for VIP Players

Another perk of casino VIP programs is that high-rollers can live up to their name and play with much higher deposit limits than regular casino clients.

Higher deposits don’t mean better chances for winning, but they mean lots of other things. For instance, when a casino gives you a deposit bonus or bonus spins, it always takes into account the deposit that you have made.

If that deposit is a minuscule one, the bonus money and bonus spins you are going to get will be pretty small too. However, if you are playing at a casino which allows you to place higher deposits, then the matched deposit bonus offers and bonus spins you get could be much higher too.

Our CasinoJinn has always advised his readers that they get as much as they have put in. This is particularly true in the case of VIP casino providers. VIP casino customers who deposit exorbitant amounts of money can also expect to get enormous amounts of bonus funds and winnings in return.

VIPs Get Faster Payouts at Online Casino Sites

And it’s not only deposit benefits that VIP casino customers get to enjoy. They are also entitled to much faster payouts than regular casino players.

An average casino customer may have to wait for two to three days for a withdrawal request to get cleared and the money to get to his bank account.

However, that’s not the case with VIP customers. They are the apples of the eyes of all casinos. As such, have a special VIP manager who always does his best to speed up all the internal withdrawal checks that take place before a transfer is made. The manager personally lobbies for the withdrawal request to be processed immediately and notifies you when you can expect to receive your money.

Moreover, in the special VIP program that most casinos have, you will notice that casinos clearly emphasise that VIP customers get faster payouts than regular clients even if they don’t have a personal VIP manager.

Invitations to Special Events

VIP casino customers often get treated like real celebrities as soon as they log into their online casino account. The invitations for special events that they get are yet another benefit that differentiates them from regular casino customers.

Casinos often organise special events such as tournaments, contests, jackpot competitions and so on. Most of the time, casino operators decide to invite only a select group of customers to enter these events.

As you can imagine, VIP clients are always at the top of these exclusive lists. They usually get these invitations as messages in their casino accounts, or if they miss them there, their personal VIP manager informs them that this is another perk of the casino VIP program that they get to enjoy.

How to become a VIP player?

Now that you know all the benefits of being a star casino customer, you probably want to know how to become a VIP player. Well, there are several things that you need to know if you want to feel that VIP casino experience first-hand.

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that you must be ready to spend big and play frequently. VIP customers don’t shy away from large deposits and big bets, and neither should you.

Have you heard the saying: You need to throw a sprat to catch a mackerel? Well, let our casino genie be the first to tell you that this saying doesn’t work in a casino setting. If you want to win big playing high yielding casino games, you have to be ready to spend big as well. Trying to be a budget player in a VIP casino will backfire immediately, and you will regret your decision to ration your stakes instantly.

Another thing that can help you turn into a VIP player quickly is to carefully analyse a casino’s loyalty scheme. This is the program that turns average new players into high-rollers and regular customers into VIP clients.

So why is this program important? Well, for starters, it will tell you how you can collect the most loyalty points in the shortest amount of time possible.

In doing so, it will also give you an idea of which games give you the most loyalty credits and how much you need to deposit to go up the loyalty ladder the fastest.

Find the Best VIP Casino Provider

The very first thing you need to do to have a prosperous VIP casino experience is to play at only the best VIP casino providers. These casino sites have a proven track record of working with very important casino clients and should be your first port of call when choosing your VIP gambling provider.

At CasinoJinn, we have a comprehensive list of VIP casino operators, and, if you take the time to read our casino reviews, you can quickly locate the right gambling provider for you.


VIP and regular casino customers are supposed to be equal, but if we are honest, we have to admit that they are not. VIP casino clients get to use super-rewarding deposit bonus offers while regular customers have to meet stringent wagering requirements. Moreover, they get to bet on specially selected games while regular clients don’t have access to them because of the high betting limits.

All in all, it is much better to be a VIP casino customer than an average Joe type of player. However, even in a situation like this one, you still need to find yourself a top-quality VIP casino site if you really want to enjoy the perks of being a valued customer.

That’s where we at CasinoJinn come in. We rank and review all the best VIP casino providers and tell you which ones to choose and which ones to avoid. Our casino genie knows what makes a top-tier VIP gambling establishment and always sets the bar high when reviewing one.

Therefore, if you see that our omnipotent CasinoJinn has given a VIP casino provider top-marks in all relevant casino categories, go with that casino site and see what it has to offer.

If you start liking the place, why not try progressing up its loyalty ladder? Who knows, maybe you will soon become a VIP customer too and will join the casino elite right there. Your journey up that VIP ladder starts now, and the casino genie knows that you are ready!


What is the most trusted online casino?

The most trusted online casino is one that utilises state-of-the-art security protocols and a high-quality gambling library. These two things will ensure that the casino is a legitimate business and uses advanced data encryption, making it a reliable gambling site.

Can you really win money at online casinos?

Yes, you can. If you play at the best online casinos, you will get lots of chances to win money. These casinos have some very rewarding slots, excellent live casino sections, and enticing bonus offers that will facilitate big wins if you play and use them in the right way.

Are VIP Slots legit?

Yes, they are. VIP slots reward high-rollers and VIP players, but some are more reputable than others. To know which VIP slots are legit, we recommend you go with slot games that have been ranked highly by our CasinoJinn experts.

What is the best free online casino?

The best free online casino has top-notch games and lets you play without sharing any credentials. You should be able to play these games without depositing any money until you learn how they work. However, to be able to get the most of your casino experience, you should start playing for real money and feel the real thrill online casinos bring.